Kundali in Hindi: How many years will you live according to Online Kundli

kundali in hindi

Kundali in Hindi: How many years will you live according to Online Kundli

Man is most concerned about his age. All answers are within your kundali in Hindi. The question that often arises in his mind is how old I will be. How many years will I live jokingly, but many times he tries to ask knowledgeable people in a direct-indirect way how old is his age.

A person is so concerned about his age that he is often said to say that he has a hobby and does not know when to go. So this answer gives your Janam Kundali in Hindi. But this requires complete knowledge, it is not right to predict only by looking at certain situations. Let’s know how to know the age from the Kundli in Hindi.

What is Kundali in Hindi?

The first place in a Kundali in Hindi is called the lagna Sthan. Apart from the physical structure of a person from the lagna place, knowledge of his nature, quality, nature and age is done.

Finding age in Kundli in Hindi

There are many other ways to find age in Vedic astrology based Kundli in Hindi, but from the ascendant it is ascertained whether the person will be Purnayu, short age or middle age. Purnayu is considered to be 100 years, middle age 64 years and short age 32 years. If a person is young then it is possible that his death is between 32 years from birth. If it is mid-life, then it should be 64 years of age after 32 and Purnayu means 64 years to 100 years.

How to find out whether a person is full, short age or middle age? How to find it?

For this, it is necessary to see the lagna place in your Janam Kundali in Hindi. In Vedic astrology, Sun is called King and it is an age-old planet. It has full effect on the lagna place. If the Lord of Lagna means the planet of the Ascendant, the friend of Sun, then the person attains full age, if the Lagna is an enemy of the Sun, then the person is short and if the Lagnesh is equidistant from the Sun, then the person gets mid-life.

Who is Sun’s friend, enemy?

Sun’s friend planets are Chandra, Mars, Guru. Mercury is enemy planet of Sun with Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. These are the friends of the Sun, enemies of the Sun and Lagna ascendant: Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces Even Lagna: Gemini, Virgo Ascendant Lagna: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius is the Sun’s own Lagna Leo. Hence lion ascendants naturally have longevity in a Kundli in Hindi.

While keeping these things in mind, any astrologer must assess other age-related conditions while studying the Janam Kundli in Hindi. To find the age according to the lagna, also look at the position of the sun’s portion and its ascendant fraction. With this, definitely find out the condition of diseases from the sixth place of the Birth Chart and the possible causes of death from the eighth place, only then make some kind of prediction.

How will a Janam Kundali in Hindi predictions be different from the Janam Kundali in English?

The Online Kundli in Hindi with predictions would use Hindi terminology. Skilled astrologers would make the entire prediction in Hindi and the details would also be available in Hindi. It would be much easier to negotiate from one house to the other if you know the terms in your own language rather than if you have to sit and translate them. It saves you from missing out on simple details.

Why should I use the Kundali in Hindi reading?

You can choose to use the Hindi one if you are good/better at this vernacular language. After you have created the article, it would also be easier to chat or talk with your astrologer later. You can yourself know a lot of things about the future thus saving your precious time. As the forecast Kundali in Hindi reading would be in Hindi, you can understand many fine points in a better way that you may have missed earlier.

How to read online Kundali in Hindi?

The free Online Kundali in Hindi can be read easily if you know the language. There would be no changes in the calculations, except that they might strictly follow the Vedic Astrological way of calculating your birth Kundali.
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