Have you a fortunate kundali? Find out using Online Kundli in Hindi

kundali in hindi

Have you a fortunate kundali? Find out using Online Kundli in Hindi

Kundali in Hindi is the chart which shows the position of planets at the time of birth of a person. An astrologer reads the houses in a Hindi kundli to predict the future using Vedic astrology rules. It is also known as Birth chart or Janam Kundali in Hindi.

Kundli in Hindi is the study of the effects of planetary movements on humans. It captures and displays planets revolving around the Sun passing through various zodiac signs and constellations. These planets, zodiac signs and constellations in a Janam Kundali in Hindi have unique characteristics due to them. In Hindu mythology, planets are GODs, all differentiated by personality, powers, skill set, and goals.

How does the kundali in hindi work?

If I have to describe the Kundali in Hindi in one word, I would say that Sun is the royal king, Moon is queen, Mars is a warrior, Mercury is a prince, Jupiter is a royal advisor, Venus is the advisor of demons and Shani is the advisor of God to Judge In Vedic astrology, 12 zodiac signs are considered and each of them is ruled by their lord planet in a Janam Kundli in Hindi. Zodiac signs display characteristics of their ruling planet in addition to their own behaviour.

12 zodiac signs and their impact on janam kundali:

  • Aries, the first sign in the zodiac and ruled by Mars.
  • Taurus, the second sign ruled by the Venus.
  • Gemini, the third sign ruled by Mercury.
  • Cancer, the fourth sign ruled by the moon.
  • Leo, the fifth sign by Surya.
  • Virgo, sixth Sign by order of Mercury.
  • Libra is the seventh sign and the lord Venus.
  • Scorpio, the eight zodiac signs in the zodiac.
  • Sagittarius is the ninth in the zodiac and Jupiter is the lord.
  • Capricorn, the tenth sign. And the ruler is Shani.
  • Aquarius, the eleventh sign and the ruler is Saturn.
  • Pisces is the twelfth sign and ruler of Jupiter.

Are you so fortunate? Analyse by Kundli in Hindi.

All these with their unique characteristics, heavenly bodies have friendly, natural or irrational arguments towards each other. They start affecting your life from the moment you were born. Auspicious or inauspicious constellations are determined by the relative positions of the planets in a Kundli in Hindi.

Some can provide you with opportunities, good health, a sharp mind and others can create challenges in your life. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the nine planets used in Vedic astrology for prediction. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and are responsible for solar and lunar eclipses in a Janam kundali in Hindi.

A dasha for each person after birth is known as Vinshotari Dasha depending on the position of the Moon in the Hindi Kundali. The length of each condition varies, such as 6 years of the Sun and 10 years of the Moon, etc. It depends on the ruling planet.

Will the condition be good for you?

Lucky people are those who get good days starting at birth or at least by that time.

Why Janam Kundali (online Kundli in Hindi)?

Online kundli in Hindi can guide you to live a happy and healthy life. This can help you find your interests and skills to pursue. You can know the right opportunities to go and learn to deal with difficult times to avoid any negative effects.

How can you get benefits from online Kundali in hindi?

Wouldn’t it be great? If you know the root cause of your problems, then you have control over good or bad events happening in the future. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which planet is responsible for your health, money loss, or stress in your personal life? It would be a blessing to know these things beforehand and this can give you great success. Each and every answer can be found in your free kundali in Hindi.

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