How Janam kundali with Date of birth can remove the bottlenecks of life


How Janam Kundali with Date of birth can remove the bottlenecks of life

Free Janam Kundali: As per Vedic Astrology, Kundli or Janam Kundali by date of birth is a basic tool of astrological science that is used to predict the upcoming events in contrast to the study of the universal bodies in solar system influencing Earth, human bodies, creatures, plants, etc. Janam Kundli in Hindi is also known as birth chart or natal chart. To prepare this Janampatri, the correct time of birth, place, and date has to be known.

A Janam Kundli by date of birth only depicts the Life of a person wherein the multiple aspects have been divided into 12 different houses, based on which an expert astrologer can forecast your past, present, and future depending upon your karmas. It is a total science in itself which is a symbolic representation of planets, houses, stars, and constellations in the universe and their outcome on your life course.

Why Online Janam Kundali is required?

At, there is a dedicated tool for free Janam Kundali which is made available to you free of cost. You will get your detailed natal chart, your Moon sign, Ascendant report, and other Nakshatra predictions.

Just you need to have your correct birth of time, date of birth, and place to get you free Janampatrika.

Through proper online Janam Kundli making, an astrologer from can help you to understand your situation and lead a better life.

How free online Janam Kundli in Hindi helps you:

  • Helps you to understand yourself, your strengths & weakness.
  • It forecasts you about your career and may suggest you choose the profession according to your planet placements.
  • It can foretell your life partner or married life and your life partner’s characteristics.
  • It will guide you regarding worldly deals.
  • It provides you the information about your wealth, education, friends, enemies, and diseases.

Janiye Mere Janam Kundli in Hindi kya hota hai?

The meaning of Online Janam Kundali by date of birth in general astrology implies a chart that indicates the positions of different planets, stars, sun, and moon at a particular instant of time. Free Kundli analysis is prepared for any type of auspicious works to find the right time for it.

Janam Kundli in Hindi is a special type of Janam Kundli predictions which is prepared on the basis of birth date and birth time. Online Janam Kundli free in Hindi reading with predictions is considered as the structural design of our life. According to Vedic astrology, each and every event occurring in our life is somehow related to our Vedic Janam Kundali only.

What are Janam Kundli predictions?

Free Janam Kundli predictions in Hindi is a very innovative idea combined with a great blend of technology to provide awesome predictions which can foretell Janam Kundli for free within seconds for better and accurate prediction you need to consult the best astrologer in from

As mentioned earlier this can be found at various websites but you should use it only when you are sure that it is created by genuine astrologer. As mentioned earlier is one such best and genuine website which is a complete stop for all the astrological queries alongside free online Janam Kundli making by date of birth only.

What kind of details you will get from your birth Kundli?

The main details which are mentioned in the birth Kundali by dob are the positions of various heavenly bodies and planets which are normally not interpretable by common people. But astrologers can use this information to predict a lot about your future like when will you get married? What career you have to select? Which business you have to or you should go for job and so on.

On the other hand Kundli matching is the most vital part while checking the astrological compatibility during the marriage. Janam Kundali Milan also can be deduced by the Vedic birth Kundli. Most of the free software constructs only partial Vedic birth Kundali and to make complete Janam Kundali by dob, you may have to pay some charge.

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