Bring Enlightenment And Get Insights Into Your Life By Online kundli Making

Bring Enlightenment And Get Insights Into Your Life By Online kundli Making

Since Ancient times, Kundli has been used quite often to interpret celestial influence in your life. This chart depicts astrological positions and planetary angles at the time of your birth, which is further calculated to analyse the past, present and the future of your life. Kundali also known as horoscope, represents the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth.

Why do we need a Kundli ?

Kundli is the vedic astro birthchart which represents the relative motion of planets and stars during the time of a person’s birth. Creating a kundli is the most vital task to carry out after a person ‘s birth. It helps one to deal one to overcome obstacles and several issues in life, above all it holds remedies and solutions to various challenges. You can even create your own janam kundali by online kundali making.

Importance of kundli and how it helps

According to Vedic Astrology, kundli holds the insights and unforeseen happenings into your life and can evaluated to understand your physical and psychological traits, emotional and spiritual predilections, your likes, hobbies, inclinations. It plays the most important and essential role in your life.
Kundali helps you :

  • A kundali can help you find your perfect marriage and life partner in various ways. It can be used for Marriage matching purposes by matching the horoscope of the respected bride and groom. In Hindu shastras, no marriage events takes place without matching the kundlis and calculating the gunas. You can even find online kundali match making.
  • One’s kundali or birthchart maps the obstacles, challenges, opportunities and it helps them guide worldly deals.
  • Kundli guides you through your personality, traits, prowess and shortcomings which makes up your all whole characteristics and tells more about yourself.
  • You can analyse your kundli to predict about your personal & professional life, business investments, finances and know how likely or unlikely would be the circumstances while making economic decisions.
  • A janam patrika or birthchart informs you about your academic life, enemies, health issues etc. It predicts the nearly exact outcomes regarding your life decisions and issues. You can even utilise online patrika making services.

What are the major significances of kundli matching before marriage

Marriages are considered as one of the most special and important event on a person’s life. Before tying the knots for married life kundli matching or matchmaking is done to avoid uncordial and unhappy married life. Kundali milan or matchmaking of kundali is the process of analyzing the horoscopes of the respective couples. In Vedic Astrology, our sages have found and designed a mechanism asthakoota method, which one of the most famous matchmaking method. Free online kundli match and best online kundali matchmaking are the best services which can be very helpful for you.

In Asthakoota milan – 8 parameters are considered and a total of 36 points are alloted between the to be bride and groom horoscopes.
The different Asthakoot methods are :-

  • Varna koota – This koota describes the working style, mutual connection and spirituality between the couples.
  • Vashya koota – This koota describes the nature of bride and groom towards each other in particular who will have the most dominating influence and who will remains under whom.
  • Tara koota – This koota describes the exact emotional compatibility between the couples. Even this a two way match making as compatibility is being checked from the bride’s horoscope to the groom’s horoscope or vice-versa.
  • Yoni koota – This koota describes the romance and love compatibility between each other, as it is the most essential for a happy married future life. Hence, it has to be analyzed in a very detail manner.
  • Graha maitri koota – This koota provides us the information about the mutual friendship and compatibility between the zodiac signs of the bride and groom. It is the focal point of all kundali milan.
  • Gana koota – This koota describes substantive nature of a person and which gana they belong and the ganas are Deva gana, Manushya gana, Rakhshah gana.
  • Rashi and Bhakoot koota – This koota describes the examined position of the janm rashi of bride and groom.
  • Naadi koota – This koota best describes the pattern of thinking of the bride and the groom.

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Other uses of Kundli

Apart from vedic horoscope and marriage matchmaking, a kundli can be used for many other purposes regarding your health issues, pregnancy and it’s complications, mishappening of life events. Astrologers can also find dosha’s in your kundli and can suggest remedial solutions for it. These doshas are some faults due to the unwanted positions of one or more planets. If not solved in time these doshas can bring various issues in your life. Even kundli can also predict how our health is going to be in future so that we can be careful about it.

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