Find the best match for your marriage through best janam kundli analysis in India

Find the best match for your marriage through best janam kundli analysis in India

For the best match according to your nature, for a blissful after marriage life, To avoid the all after marriage health related issues, To avoid all kundli doshas, to know the pregnancy related information and to know other queries for your marriage take the service of best janam kundli analysis.

In our daily life, we people are discovering new ways to solve our problems But among all these ways, astrology is one of the most common way used in solving problems by the people of all over world. So for an effective and instant solution for your problems, astrology could be the best choice for you. And kundli is a part of astrology which can give you the brief knowledge about the astrological aspects behind your problems. So for all your problems including marriage problems, You can take Janam kundali online free services.

What can be inferred from kundli ?

Kundli is a horoscope chart, In which we can calculate the position of planets, moon and sun. And by the help of these astrological aspect’s positioning, astrological prediction is done. These astrological prediction is directly related with our daily life problems and by adjusting the position of these celestial bodies, your daily life problems can be solved. So if you have suffering through any kind of problems in our life you can go for free online janam kundli service. List of some common problems of your life and the celestial bodies having a hand behind it-

Name of problems Name of responsible celestial bodies for your problems
Marriage problems Mars and Jupiter
Business problems Rahu and Ketu
Love problems Venus and Mars
Health problems Saturn and Jupiter
Job problems Saturn and Neptune
Pregnancy and infertility
Rahu, Saturn and Mercury
Career problems Saturn and Jupiter

Which kind of after marriage problems you can predict through kundli reading ?

As we know kundli is a graph chart for our life, and the data stored in this chart can provide us a detail information for our life. So it is very necessary that a person should take precaution from kundli reading.

In our society, we have seen a lot of women are there who have suffering from pregnancy and infertility related problems. And for this problem these women are feeling incomplete and suffering from a bad phase of their life. And we have seen, those women are trying all possible ways to solve this after marriage problems and they failed.

These problems are happening because of the presence of ill placed planet’s in kundli and by the right positioning of planets in our kundli these problems can be solved. And before marriage by the analysis of your janam patrika online these measure problems can be solved. Not only infertility and pregnancy problems but also all types helath related problems like- Diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure and many more.

What is kundli doshas and what happen if it occurs ?

If the celestial bodies are placed in the wrong place in our kundli houses according to our zodiac sign then kundli dosha occurs.

According to our 12 houses in kundli and presence of different planets and celestial objects in those houses, Kundli dosha is devided into 16 various types.

In sanskrit dosha means problems so these 16 various kundli doshas are directly linked with 16 various life problems in our life. There is a table given below where you can find out, how different kundli dosha occurs and what is the wrong house for them ?

Name of celestial bodies Wrong house for celestial
Which dosha occurs if
celestial bodies are present in wrong house
These doshas make which
kind of problems
Mercury 9th,12th and 11th Gana dosha and bhakoot dosha Career and job problem
Venus 4th,9th,10th and 12th Mangal dosha Love and marriage problem
Moon 3rd and 5th Kal sarp dosha, yoni dosha and pitra dosha Business and property dispute problems
Mars 7th, 9th and 10th Mangalik dosha, Bhakoot dosha and shatastag
Marriage problem, logna problem and love problem
Jupiter 2nd, 6th and 7th Nakstra dosha and rahu dosha Business and family problem
Saturn 7th, 9th,11th and 12th Rahu dosha, ketu dosha, graha dosha and sadash
Health problem,business problem and family
Neptune 1st Nadi dosha and tithi dosha Career and health problem
Urans 1st,2nd and 4th Graha dosha, nadi dosha and sadash dosha Family and marriage problem

If you don’t make your kundli yet then go for a janam kundli making service by an expert astrologer. And if you don’t remember your exact birth time then you can also able to predict your future by janam kundli without birth time.

Why kundli matching is important for you ?

Kundli matching is a process of matching 36 gunas of two individuals by which a person is able to get a perfect partner according to their nature.

As we know what kind of problems can occur, when kundli dosha happens so to avoid all the problems and take precaution at right time, you should take the service of janam kundli matching and janam kundli online service. And is one of the best option to give you the best astrological cosultation. For more information call: +91 9776190123 or visit our site.

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