Know the benefits of kundli reading & impact of kundli doshas on your life

Know the benefits of kundli reading & impact of kundli doshas on your life

According to astrology there are twelve different types of horoscope signs, on which the act and nature of every individual’s depend. And a person can be affected when the planetary influence having an effect on these zodiac signs. Which bring various problems into your life. So, to avoid these consequences you should go for a genuine and accurate free online kundli reading service.

What is kundli ?

Kundli is an astrological chart, which shows the influence of celestial bodies (like; planets, moons and asteroids) on our life according to our zodiac signs. Basically there are twelve houses are present in every individual’s kundli and in those houses there are twelve astrological bodies are present and after an interval of time it will change their respective positions. This kundli chart can be used to detect or solve your various problems by our free online kundali reading experts.

Answer your problems by Kundli reading.

Every person in this world must have face through a tough time in their life and at that time they don’t know how to get rid over that problem or how to avoid that problem ? And to avoid any of your problems first you have to understand, what is your real problem or what are the factors behind your problems ? Because for your all types of problems, the planetary movement and their wrong placing in your kundli houses is responsible. And to know the reason behind your problems in brief you have to go for the free janam kundli analysis services. Problems that can be solved by kundli reading-

  • Love problems
  • Marriage problems
  • Business and career problems
  • Health related problems
  • Job opportunity problems
  • Family problems
  • Property dispute problems

Know the impact of kundli doshas on every individual’s life.

As we know a genuine kundli reading can give us the answers for all our problems. So let’s know how kundli problem having a direct connection with our life. At our twelve houses in kundli, planets are changing their position according to an interval of time. Sometimes the placing of these planets are in our favour and sometime planets are placed at the wrong houses of our kundli. And these wrong placed planets create various doshas in our kundlis. For our every problems of life these kundli doshas are responsible and without taking a proper remedial way for these kundli doshas, a person is suffering from various problems. So to avoid these doshas a person should go for a online janam kundli reading service.

List of all kundli doshas and it’s impact which through a person suffer from-

Number of Doshas Name of all kundli doshas Impact of kundli doshas
1 Pitra Dosha Uncertain accidents and marriage dalays
2 Nadi Dosha Infertility problems, physical and mental weakness, affection getting lesser between
husband and wife
3 Rahu Dosha Health related issues, marital separation and business issues
4 Mangal Dosha Financial loses, loss of parental properties and increasing of financial enemies in
5 Mangalik Dosha Married life issues, mental health issues and increase negativity in nature
6 Gana Dosha Misunderstandings, trust issues and negativity in relationships
7 Shadash Dosha Mental health issues and marital problems
8 Bhakoot Dosha Infertility, financial losses and marital issues
9 Kal sarp Dosha Loss of mental peace, health related issues and bad phase of business
10 Tithi Dosha Chances of becoming widow, bring poverty to family
11 Yoni Dosha Marriage becoming complete disaster
12 Logna Dosha Great loss in life, suffering from sorrow and pain
13 Nakhstra Dosha Person getting bramhacharya yoga
14 Chandra Dosha Insufficient wealth, family problem and disturbances in life
15 Sashtashataga Dosha Children at home get ill easily
16 Graha Dosha Disturbances with neighbour

Benefits of kundli matching ?

Kundli matching or kundli reading for marriage is process used in Hinduism from the very old time. Our ancestors are also following this custom before their marriage. Most of your life problems can be solved through your janam kundli, kundli matching and reading like:

  • Marriage problem: All after marriage problems can be avoided and the relation of both bride and groom family are always maintained.
  • Dosha Problem: Kundli dosha problems can be solved before marriage.
  • Love relationship problem: love problems like misunderstandings, trust isuues and differences can be solved by kundli analysis.
  • Inter caste marriage problem: By reading the kundli of any individual, the inter caste marrige problems and the defferences of both families are be solved.
  • Education problem: By the help of janam kundli reading a person is able to get a way and know what is the main reason behind your problems in education field.

First we have to understand what are the effects of these kundli doshas on our after marital life. So a lot of famous personalities in India are also following these free service of free online kundali matching service before marriage. And the doshas can be occurred in our kundli by not following kundli readings are- Pitra dosha, mangalik doshas, gana doshas and yoni doshas.

Do things are really happen that’s written in Kundli ?

There are different people having different mentality are living in our society so, there point of view on kundli matching is obviously different. But the thing is, we should follow these astrological things and perspectives(including kundli reading or matching) in our life or not ?

According to statics of India 55% people are following astrological news and information (Including kundli matching or reading) in their daily life. And among them 85% people are getting successful solutions for their problems. So, Yes you should follow kundli reading because the things are written in our kundli is really happens in our life. And to identifies these problems from our kundli to solve daily life problems, you should consult with kundli specialist call: +91 9776190123 or you can visit: for more information.

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