A perfect guide to know the necessity of Guna Milan in kundali matching


A perfect guide to know the necessity of Guna Milan in kundali matching

Do you want to know about Guna Milan in kundali matching? Guna Milan is necessary for happy and successful marriage life. Here you will know all about kundali matching for marriage, Guna Milan in details.

Marriages are predestined in heaven and accomplished in the earth. It is a collaboration of two hearts, minds and soul for a lifetime and beyond. No doubt marriage is the most precious and sacred moment for two individuals (Bride and groom). For some people, marriage is a dream come true as it leads to a whole new life, brings a new environment, people and family as it is not only between two people but two families.

As it is a life-changing event so this should not lead to any regret or unpleasant situation so kundali matching by name plays a vital role in this. It is considered as a base of a successful marriage and a happy life. It helps the bride/groom to check their compatibility, harmony in life, consequences, and troubles ahead in life and so on.

What does Matching kundali actually mean?

Kundali is also known as Janam kundali, which contains the planetary position of an individual at the time of his/her birth. There are two ways of kundali matching such as kundali matching by date of birth and time and kundali matching by name and date of birth.

It describes a whole life journey map in a go. Similarly, kundali matching is the pre-requisite before marriage is held between two individuals to calculate and predict their future, compatibility, life after marriage etc by evaluating their Graha, nakshatra, and other qualities.

Why kundali matching is important?

In Indian culture before every arranged marriage kundali matching occurs to check gunas, doshas, and position of stars of individuals as a quality check. Hindu culture consists of so many rituals, pujas and mantras as they protective guard to prevent misfortunes.

Sometimes a bride or groom may be having some Graha doshas which may affect their marriage, that’s why kundli matching is performed. For this Janam kundali or birth chart is required. It is also considered as a deicidal factor for marriage approval or denial. Kundali also helps in removing different difficulties.

Matching Kundali Online

In Hindu tradition, kundali matching acts as a key ritual before solemnizing a marriage. Online kundali matching is the easiest way these days to get this done in hand. While evaluating kundalis things like prosperity, longevity, career, the number of kids, health issues, and personality change are calculated based on one’s planetary movement. These factors help couples to fix their predestined issues and complexities beforehand to lead a happy life.

Why Guna Milan plays a vital role in kundali matching?

Some people might be unaware of Guna Milan in kundali matching event. So to them, it is generally a subset of marriage process which generally refers to the matching gunas of two people. Guna Milan depends on 8 aspects of Gunas/koots from both the kundalis. These gunas/koots are Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Grahmaitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi.

Another fact about these koots is, each of the koots is assigned with 1 to 8 numbers. The koots or gunas should calculate as a total of 36, which is call 36 Guna matched, considered as a perfect match. But the minimum limit is 18 point of gunas for a marriage to be successful. Below 18 points marriages are advised not to be held as it’s a complete mismatch. Let us discuss some of the most important facts regarding different koots:

  • hakoot and Nadi dosha have 7 and 8 points respectively are very important as Bhakoot represents compatibility.
  • Nadi deals with progeny and also handles the severe problem in marriage life.
  • Detail descriptions of gunas are mentioned in below table for your better understanding.
Gunas name descriptionMaximum Point
Varna Deals caste matching 1
VashyaDeals with nature2
TaraDeal relationship soundness3
YoniDeals with sex appeal, fantasy, intimacy, emotional compatibility4
GrahmaitriDeal with the matching of thoughts, intellectuality, mental state, point of views. 5
GanaDeals with compatibility between two personalities, behaviour and temperament. 6
BhakootContains 2nd highest point describes the best match, financial state after marriage and wellbeing of the family.7
NadiContains the highest points. Deals with the number of children, monetary issues, health issues etc. 8

How calculations of gunas act as a deciding factor for marriage?

So for kundali matching, this is how the koots/gunas behave and reacts. We can fix the marriage decision based upon the total number of points carried by the koots. Here is the list:

So based on the above details one can simply get knowledge about kundali matching process and can also generate his/her kundali reports online and free kundali Milan reports. As online horoscope matching is nowadays very popular to get updated for future events, you can simply generate your free kundali matching reports by consulting an astrologer and be benefitted. Hope these details would help you to fix your problems and to lead a happy married life ahead. For more information, you can call at +91 9776190123 or visit oooom.in.

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