जनम कुंडली प्रिडिक्शन्स: Know the benefits of Janam Kundali analysis


जनम कुंडली प्रिडिक्शन्स: Know the benefits of Janam Kundali analysis

Janam Kundali online is an astrological chart made on the basis of the accurate date of birth and time, and place of birth of an individual. Janam Kundli by date of birth and time determines the location of various signs, planets the Sun, and the Moon also predict the astrological aspects and significant information of an individual.

Free Janam Kundali is a certificate that is unique to each individual and defines all the planetary locations, zodiac, and other astrological aspects during an individual’s birth. By using Free Janam Kundli Reading in Hindi online, one can check on the co-ordinates of different celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, etc.), and how they affect your important life events. Generating the Online Janam Kundli report is simple, quick, and efficient and provides a detailed analysis of your life.

What all benefits will I get from my Janam Kundali reading?

  • From the online Janam Kundali analysis, the astrologer comes to know about the specific date of birth and time of birth along with the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters of the individual, and then the expert astrologers find it very easy to determine the past, present, and future of that individual.
  • The predictions made from such a birth chart would yield good outcomes, and the practical ones are heard from astrologers.
  • Since the Janam Kundali analysis report has no errors in it, an individual undergoing any kind of difficulty can be aware of the prediction made by the experts.
  • It was said that through free Janam Kundli reading in Hindi, one could find the personality, character, career, health, property, intelligence, his or her relationships, and other factors of individual’s life can be noted.
  • Also, along with all the above, the lucky numbers, favourable planets, good days, lucky colours, and other variables like strength and weaknesses of a human can be evaluated from his/her free Janam Kundali predictions.
  • Kundli Online, depicts both favoured times in an individual’s life.
  • Thus Vedic astrology has given huge preference to this birth Janam Kundali or horoscope chart.

What is Janam Kundli in Vedic Astrology?

In general, the Janampatrika or Janam Kundali is also named as a birth chart. My Janam Kundali in Hindi is a horoscope chart that can be created based on the person’s details or based on the examination of the person. The Online Janampatrika determines the location or the point residence of apparent planets like the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets with a correct indication in terms of degrees.

Any future predictions are made from the basis of the birth chart prepared with the details of the person. Therefore it is quite considerable to note the correct information of both times, date, and place of birth of the client. On the other hand locations of planets and its timing while taking birth is quite difficult to note down. So with the help of astrologers, we obtained it and it is called a natal chart with the true ones.

Online free Janam Kundali report is widely divided into twelve houses in which the planets and stars are positioned, and they change their location as the time passes. These houses are though maintained by every person’s zodiac sign, whatever the planets that are placed in these twelve houses can show both positivity and negativity results on each other in particular periods of time.

How to make Janam Kundli online for free in Hindi

To make your Janam Kundali online for free in Hindi, one has to know their birth details accurately like your birth date, time, and place. Additionally, you need to find out the planetary positions of the grah with respect to your birth date and get it checked with an astrologer who can create your Kundli. To make sure no calculation mistakes happen, you can just get your free Janam Kundli making online its faster, quicker, and efficient way to generate your birth chart.

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