Free online Janam Kundali Remedies to Improve Relationships


Free online Janam Kundali Remedies to Improve Relationships

Free online Janam Kundali with predictions: Relationships are essential for our wellbeing. Throughout our lifetime, we meet new people and live with completely different people like spouse, parents, relatives, etc.

Our relationship with them depends on the heaps of things. Whereas there are love and respect but, at times strain and misunderstanding come up in relations resulting in arguments, tussles, etc. with them. These bitter moments tend to take away our mental peace and focus which can be analyzed to your personal Janam Kundali analysis.

Apart from mutual conduct and behavior, the planetary position in our Janam Kundali analysis is also responsible for such situations. Rahu, Ketu, and Mangal are the foremost malicious planets and can cause a lot of troubles if they are placed in unfavorable positions.

Remedies to Improve Relationships through Janam Kundali predictions

  1. The best remedy is to avoid entering into any arguments, a smile usually, and maintain a cool head. If you smile, then it may reduce the probabilities of fights or any arguments.
  2. Another remedy is to immerse very little amount of Misri & 5 Almonds in the water on Sunday. Don’t waste salt & water because it affects your sun and moon sign.
  3. You should never tell lie or utter a lie and never rush through any work. Help folks only when they need it.
  4. Donate Coal on Saturday, but it should be created from wood. Also, you should wear a tiny gold or copper ball in your neck on Thursday.
  5. One should wear a Rudraksha on your wrist or shoulder. Sit for 10mins in front of your idol and offer prayers. Also, few leaf, grass, or green vegetables should be offered in running water on Wednesday.
  6. If you are in the wood cutting work, then donate some things or items made of wood on Thursday or Sunday instead of working on these days.
  7. Donate rice on the Ekadashi day to the needy. Put green vegetables in a well on Wednesday or a Sunday.
  • One can strengthen their relations with their relatives and loved ones by making donations at a place where people are involved in storing water.
  • Avoid being stubborn. Be calm and composed and avoid wearing dark color clothes. Instead, wear white color or any other light color clothes and do regular Pranayama.
  • The environment at your home should always be vibrant, lively and full of lights. Don’t keep your home in dark or dim light.
  • Worship regularly in front of your god and put a tilak mix of Turmeric & sandal. Have to control the anger that is the favored reason for strained relationships, you should worship Shri Yantra and eat Harad after your dinner.
  • Feed a cow with the grass. Donate Gangajal, jaggery, Saunf, Bundi, or Mishri is a temple in conjunction with Coconut water.
  • Keep Sunderkand at regular intervals at your house and avoid using products created of leather.
  • Lord Ganesh is known as Vighnaharta (One who weeds out troubles). It’s a popular culture In India to establish Lord Ganesh and offer prayers before proceeding with the various rituals.
  • There is one more Mantra called as “Shiv Shiv Rate, Sankat Kate,” it should be chanted in a Shiva temple to resolve all your life conflicts and disputes.

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