How to read Janam kundali-The basic Meaning of astrological houses


How to read Janam kundali-The basic Meaning of astrological houses

A birth Janam kundali is a report prepared based on the position of the planets on the date and time of your birth. Through free kundli in Hindi predictions all aspects of your life and problems in your life.

Identify Your Rising Sign or Ascendant from your free Janam kundali: In kundali by date of birth mentioned below, the first step is to identify the ascendant sign. The number mentioned in the first house indicated the rising or ascendant sign of the native. The houses in one’s free kundali are denoted by Roman Numbers (I-XII), and planets by numerical (1-12)

Understanding the Houses and their Significance:

  1. Aries is denoted by the number 1.
  2. Taurus is denoted by the number 2.
  3. Gemini is denoted by the number 3.
  4. Cancer is denoted by the number 4.
  5. Leo is denoted by the number 5.
  6. Virgo is denoted by the number 6.
  7. Libra is denoted by the number 7.
  8. Scorpio is denoted by the number 8
  9. Sagittarius is denoted by the number 9.
  10. Capricorn is denoted by the number 10.
  11. Aquarius is denoted by the number 11.
  12. Pisces is denoted by the number 12.

Online Janam kundali has 12 houses, which spell several aspects of the life of the native along with physical traits, features, and interests. Hence, any planet or zodiac sign posited in a house influences its factors and offers results accordingly. As mentioned above, the roman numbers denote the house number, and its factors are stated as follows:

Houses Meaning
[I] First House Physical Features and traits, self, characteristics, personality
[II] Second House Wealth, Primary knowledge, finances, family
[III] Third House Communications, skills, hobbies, efforts, younger siblings
[IV] Fourth House happiness, mother, secondary education, land, vehicle, property
[V] Fifth House higher education, creativity, wittiness, love and affair, progeny, past life experience

[VI] Sixth House
debt,   profession, diseases, advocacy, enemies   

[VII] Seventh House
marriage,   long-term partnerships and relationships, import-export, public image   

[VIII] Eighth House
longevity,   unexpected incidents, research   

[IX] Ninth House
beliefs, higher learning, luck, mentor, father, religion, long distance travel

[X] Tenth House
career,   karma or actions, job, profession   

[XI] Eleventh house
ambitions, income,   gains, elder siblings

[XII] Twelfth House

Identify The Nine Planets from your Janam Kundali by date of birth only:

At the time of your birth, Janam kundli free online captures and offers a pictorial representation of the position of planets and constellations. Hence, when learning free online Janam kundali in Hindi reading, one must understand the shortened form of planets mentioned in the chart and their significance.

In the Janam kundali predictions given below, the first house sees the placement of Zodiac Cancer (number 4) along with Mercury (Me), Rahu (Ra), and Sun (Su). Therefore, it will set out the results accordingly. Below mentioned are the planets and their abbreviated form and Vedic significance:

  • Sun (Su): Ruler, source of energy and life, king of all planets, masculine in nature
  • Moon (Mo): Mind, inner self, feminine in nature, intellect, fertility, good memory
  • Mercury (Me): Speech, communication, calculative, witty, intellectual,
  • Mars (Ma): Courage, passion, physical strength, short-tempered, argumentative, daring, signifies younger siblings
  • Venus (Ve): Materialistic pleasure, love, romance, beauty, music, marriage, friendship, art
  • Jupiter (Ju): Spiritism, higher education, research
  • Saturn (Sa): Land, property, secret, adversity, hard work, sorrow, prestige, name and fame
  • Rahu (Ra): International travel, grandparents, theft, gambling, drinking, over-ambitious, undiagnosed health problems, loss of reputation-finance
  • Ketu (Ke): Grandparents, spiritual inclination, superstitions, electronics

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