Analysis of My Janam kundali/Birth chart-Janam kundli predictions based on Planetary Positions


Analysis of My Janam kundali/Birth chart-Janam kundli predictions based on Planetary Positions

In the above illustrated Janam kundali the black colored numbers represent zodiac signs or rashis, in this illustration 5th rashi or 5th sign is represent the time of birth in your janampatri online. It may start from any number from 1 to 12 but famous astrologer from Delhi won’t consider these black colored numbers to tell your fortune.

Here expert astrologers from Delhi consider the red colored numbers or alphabet form that house, to see the effects of Planetary positions of the above illustrated Janam kundali free.

Go through the steps given below to know how online Janam kundali is analyzed:

Step 1: Sun is in 1st house or “A” house, and to see the effects of sun astrologers will see the 1st or “A” house of Sun page.

Step 2: Mercury is also in 1st house or “A” house, and to see the effects of planet Mercury will be seen in the 1st or “A” house of Mercury page.

Step 3: Rahu is in 4th house or “D” house, and to see the effects of Rahu astrologers will see the 4th or “D”of Rahu page.

Step 4: Jupiter is in 7th house or “G” house, and to see the effects of planet Jupiter will be seen in the 7th or “G” house of Jupiter page.

Step 5: Saturn is also in the 7th house or “G” house, and to see the effects of planet Saturn one has to see the 7th or “G” house of Saturn page.

Step 6,7,8 and 9: Taken accordingly to see the effects of Planet Mars, Moon, Ketu and Venus.

To judge Horoscope/Janam Lagan Partri/Birth Chart steps are taken according to your planetary positions:

According to free kundali prediction, the planetary positions from your Janam kundali and the effects and remedies are given below which are very common in general applications.

Effects of Sun in different Houses:

1st HOUSE:

  • GOOD: Such a person will be an orthodox, religious, self-made successful person, prosperous if earn honestly and helps others, take care of his father however does not expect same from his/her children, He won’t get a paternal property but leave property for his children.
  • BAD: He might suffer from infectious disease and also the obstructions can emerge in each field of life whenever he’s getting ready to achieve/get one thing in his life.
  • REMEDIES: He should install a hand pump at his parental place to neutralize the malevolent result of the sun.

2nd HOUSE:

  • GOOD: Good for maternal uncle, the in-laws of a daughter will be good, prosperous if he has faith in God, He will be skillful and self-reliant, maybe technician, painter, has owned vehicles.
  • BAD: Sun of this house will give malefic effects to wife, mother, aunty and it is also bad for finance. He may suffer from any disease related to the rectum.
  • REMEDIES: He should provide coconut oil and almonds at anyplace of worship.

3rd HOUSE:

  • GOOD: Such a person is handsome, beautiful, maybe astrologer, teacher/professor, and mathematician. If one is a businessman than the business involving mental skills like a software business. Trading is also beneficial.
  • BAD: Not of sound character, unhealthy habits, fear of thieves, very bad for maternal uncle and neighbors.
  • REMEDIES: To check unhealthy habits and negative thinking.

4th HOUSE:

  • GOOD: Such an individual will be of a sound character and it doesn’t matter where he born, never harms anybody. He will have surplus cash but may not nurse parents. The business of gold, silver, and traveling is going to be helpful. If such an individual creates something new or does research work this will be beneficial to him.
  • BAD: It will be very difficult to leave bad habits, business relating to wood may not be fruitful, the problem with in-laws, ophthalmologic probl0065m, if a person is greedy than he will lose everything even house will sell out.
  • REMEDIES: Distribute food among blinds people and needy or look after his old parents.
  • 5th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: In this house, if the health of a person is good then the business will suffer and if business is good than the health will be poor. In this house, the sun will act as a double-edged sword.
    • BAD: Native will rise after the birth of a male child but it is difficult to have baby boy.
    • REMEDIES: The kitchen should be on the eastern side of the house.

    6th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: If a person believes in destiny then the pretender gives blessings and good wishes to the persons who have done wrong to him. He will be very rigid, fond of women but this will not affect his business or service. One or two step-ups and downs in his life may be possible. Do not change the line of business/service after the birth of a baby boy.
    • BAD: The overall health of an individual will not be good, may have high blood pressure or hypertension, or grandparents will be sick or may have the sunlight problem on the body or on eyes.
    • REMEDIES: Give bread to dogs at the place of worship or roadside.

    7th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: Boastful nature has no marital harmony up to 15years from the date of marriage on an individual. If the workplace is far from the residence it will be good. The Wife of the person will be very delicate and shy in nature.
    • BAD: Person may be rude and selfish by nature Bad for father’s sister right from birth. If consuming excess salt then family, money, and peace will be badly affected. A person may suffer from Tuberculosis, Leukoderma, or disease which is difficult to diagnose.
    • REMEDIES: Put the square piece of copper under the earth. Drink water after having sweets. Put a piece of bread in the fire before having meals.

    8th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: Sun in this house makes an individual strong that even death fears from him (if such a person sitting by the side of a person, who is taking his last breaths, won’t die until he is sitting there). A Person may live like a king Saint who can make gold from the dust.
    • BAD: An individual will be ruined if he indulges in extramarital relations or the entrance of his house is from the south direction.
    • REMEDIES: Don’t do the unhealthy deed and don’t do anything which is not favourable for good sun position

    9th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: Person may be helpful to others; he has power in his hand to cure illness. An individual has the ability to sacrifice anything for his family but will not expect anything in return.
    • BAD: Sun will become unfavorable if the person accepts silver in charity or if he sits idle.
    • REMEDIES: If such an individual has faith in religion or he should respect it. The person should not accept silver as a gift. The person should keep big vessels of brass in his house.

    10th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: A person may be a prominent person with good health but a doubt.
    • BAD: Unhealthy effects on age, vision, father, chest, knee. If he cries in front of others he will have to cry more in his life.
    • REMEDIES: The person should keep his head covered. An individual should put a coin or round piece of silver in the running river.

    11th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: The Person may become head of the family himself. If religious minded then his family will be happy, if his family is vegetarian then he will get children and a good life for them.
    • BAD: Sun gives malefic effects on age, income, own build house, goodwill, and children. If an individual eats meat (non-veg.) it is equal to eat his own children, Impetuous.
    • REMEDIES: Reddish, turnip, carrot, almond should be kept beneath the head side of the bed at night and give them in the morning at the place of worship.

    12th HOUSE:

    • GOOD: The person will have sound sleep. He may have a strong character whether servant or employer. The native will be rich, intelligent, happy family life, gain from business or good job till he keeps the open corridor in his house. The business of machines may not suit him. Unreligious and unsocial activities will ruin him.
    • BAD: Sun gives malefic effects on Head, thoughts, relations, wife etc., if drunker or takes bribe or lives at in-laws place.
    • REMEDIES: He should keep himself away from all above said malefic situations.

    In India, before Horoscope matching of a boy and a Girl under the guidance of an expert astrologer in Delhi is very common. It is a well-known point that astrology created its roots from traditional to the western.

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