Black magic spells and preventive measures by a black magic specialist in Kolkata

black magic in kokkata

Black magic spells and preventive measures by black magic specialist in Kolkata

Do you want to know about black magic spells and preventive measures for black magic? Here black magic specialist in Kolkata explains all about this. Black magic is a technique used to control anyone according to your will.

According studies there are two sources of supernatural power they can be represented as white (positive) and black (negative). The first source is white, who is the ultimate energy controlling everything. The second source is supernatural power considered as black magic, which is an evil energy. Black magic is also known as the magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes. It specifies the over power of negativity over positivity and controlling a person according to your will.

What is Black magic?

Black magic is a type of supernatural power that is specific to do evil or bad to others. Kala jadu or black magic is a kind of power that is only used for destructive purpose. It doesn’t have any limits and fruitfulness towards the society and human being. Black magic is considered as an unacceptable practice as it is used for selfish purpose or to harm others. People use this as to fulfill dirty motives and to take revenge.

Apart from the selfish purposes it is also used in some positive ways for some problem solutions like ex-love back, job problem, family problems, love problem ,enemy problem etc. black magic has different name in different areas like in Kolkata it is known as Bengal black magic or Kolkata black magic.

How does it work?

All human being are affected by both positive and negative energy. People get affected by negative force and when the positivity or energy inside us surrenders to the energy outside comes in contact with us. When the negative vibe or energy over power our soul and mind and we start acting as somebody else it affects our physical and mental status and start harming the soul.

In black magic, an idol is used which is looks like a doll. It is made from various types of food item such as flour, gram flour, pulses etc. Special spells that are the black magic spells are offered in it. After this, the name of the person on whom you want to black magic is chanted.

Types of Black magic spell

There are different categories that come under black magic spell some of them are mentioned below.

  • Accident spell: Planning accident for others.
  • Curse spell: This is used as to give bad curse.
  • Bad luck spell: It is used to bring bad luck to anybody.
  • Prosperity spell: This is used to bring good luck and prosperity in life.
  • Love spell: This helps in either love separation or controlling your love.
  • House protection spell: This is used for protecting your home from evil eye.
  • Court case spell: This is used for favoring the decision of court case in your side.
  • Fertility spell: It is a kind of spell that a woman wants to get pregnant or to protect her child from miscarriage.
  • Divorce spell: This can either be opted for taking divorce from your partner or to prevent divorce and save marriage.

If you want to get any queries you can contact black magic specialist in Kolkata for more details. He can give you the entire spell you want


Preventive Measures for black magic curse

There is a solution to every problem. So if there is some negativity then also are some preventive measures to overcome them. As human is the greatest creature of god he has provided him a lot of knowledge, strength, and positivity to handle and survive. There are some preventive measures for black magic curse mentioned below.

  1. Using black thread.
  2. Chanting holy mantas.
  3. Wrapping holy thread in hands.
  4. Playing religious songs at home.
  5. Keeping ganesha statue at home.
  6. Increasing positivity by doing meditation.
  7. Using lemon and green chilly for evil eyes. And many more.

Hope in this article you have understood the black magic and the black magic spells and the preventive measures you can take to tackle the effect of black magic curse. For black magic removal you can take the help of a black magic expert. For more information about black magic in Kolkata you can call +91 9776190123 or visit where you can get free black magic removal services.

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