What is the effect of Rahu in the 7th house of Birth Chart?

What is the effect of Rahu in the 7th house of Birth Chart?

Rahu in the seventh house provides the native with a very intellectual life-partner. She/he may be interested to get married — for a certain reason! Shocked? Don’t be. But why does this all happen?

The 7th house in the natal chart deals with natives’ relationships, marital life, and partnerships. According to Vedic astrology, Rahu is a malefic planet, which is more powerful and significant. And when Rahu is placed in the seventh house, it can transform the lives of the natives in a big way. The placement of Rahu in the 7th house can either bless the natives with prosperity or trouble them with adversity.

Things Affected due to Rahu in 7th House

  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Relationship
  • Marital peace
  • Life companion

Good effects of Rahu in 7th House:

The natives with the placement of Rahu in 7th house are likely to experience a blissful marital life which will be filled with emotions of love, affection, attachment, and respect. The love between the natives and their spouse is never-ending, the fondness between them is undying and their divine devotion is something that cannot be expressed. The horoscope of male and female natives present perfect examples of loving, sharing, and caring to others.

The presence of Rahu in the seventh house can make the natives live a well-balanced married life. It may also help them in business partnership as having partners may lead the natives to greater profitability. Their gains in business may even make them rise very high. It is likely that the presence of Rahu in the horoscope might endow these individuals with unexpected gains in terms of wealth and fortune. In fact, the natives of Rahu in the 7th house are good negotiators and they always grab new business and real estate opportunities as and when they come.

Bad effects Of Rahu in 7th House:

However, in some situations, Rahu in the 7th house may adversely impact the natives’ life and relationship, whose core is marital harmony as per marriage predictions for Rahu in the 7th house. As stated in Vedic Astrology, natives of Rahu in the 7th house may lose their positivity and happiness if their married life is not going well. And if that happens, they may get tired of their partners and may want to get rid of them. This may reverse their life’s flow and they may face difficulties. They might embark on new relationships and start their life afresh.

This can bring about clashes in their married life.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Rahu:

  • Never marry before the 21st year of age.
  • Offer six coconuts in the river.

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Individuals with Rahu in the 7th house are more likely to get a mixed pack of joys and sorrows. If they are able to build their marital life, they can enjoy bliss and happiness throughout. However, if their marriage life deteriorates, it can cause serious difficulties. The beneficial influence of Rahu can turn into malefic, depending on the nature of the Zodiac sign in the individual’s horoscope. Consequently, individuals may get lost in their own thoughts.

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