Things you should know about vedic Birth chart

Vedic birth

Things you should know about vedic Birth chart

Vedic birth chart is a relevant part of vedic astrology which provides the detailed information about the life events of an individual.

There are still many people confused about vedic astrology and western astrology (usually known as astrology). The Indian astrology or known as Vedic astrology was originated from Indian Veda’s. That is the reason it is called Indian astrology/vedic astrology. Experts believe that Indian astrology is the oldest astrology system that is still being used today and Maharishi Bhrigu (One of the 7 great sages) invented this system.

What is Vedic birth chart?

Vedic birth chart or Janam Kundali is a diagrammatic representation of an Individual’s entire life. A birth chart contains information such as date of birth, time, place of birth and the position of planets with other stars. Astrologers then interpret this information to find out the future events. With vedic chart interpretation astrologers can predict the exact future events that are going to happen.

How vedic birth chart can help you?

Having your birth chart analyzed by astrologers, can help you in many ways. You can learn many things about yourself and about your future. Vedic birth chart provides information about your future job life, career life, marital life and many more things. So that you can avoid the bad things that are going to happen in your future life. And birth chart can also help you to find your life partner through kundali matching.

Types of Vedic chart

There are 4 types of astrological charts which are mentioned in vedic astrology. They are:

  • Natal Chart: This is the chart/birth chart that is created at the time of an individual. It shows the exact position of stars, moon and other planets present during the birth. This type of astrology chart defines your personality, emotions and future ambitions.
  • Current Transits: In current transits, astrologers look for coming events that are going to happen in coming month/week. Astrologers took reference from natal chart to calculate the current influence on the planetary positions to forecast the events.
  • Solar return: It is the day on which a person was born. In other words, it is the birth date of an individual. Solar-return reading is the personal horoscope reading for a period od 12 months from the birth date. It can predict how the coming years are going to be for you and what are the achievements you are going to obtain.
  • Synastry: It is the reading of relationships of an individual. Astrology system believes that relations are not coincidental, but they are mentioned in a person’s horoscope. So in Synastry readings, astrologers match the janam kundali to find the best match for the person.

Online vedic birth chart vs Offline

In this digital world, people are more opting for digital platforms to access services. That is the reason many astrology service providers going online to provide services. With online services any one can access the services any time and anywhere from the world without physically visiting to the office. And with birth chart online, you only need to upload your DOB, birth time and place. That’s it and with few hours you can find your birth chart easily.
Indian vedic astrology is a gift to our mankind. Which when used in correct way can change anyone’s life drastically. So, if you want to change your life completely using vedic astrology or just want to avail free vedic birth chart with interpretation then, you can contact us @+919776190123 or visit TABIJ.IN

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