The clue to your career revealed by planets

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The clue to your career revealed by planets

Are you anxious about your professional career and trying to shape your future? Here’s a detailed career analysis based on your planets. Get free career astrology prediction by best astrology service in India.

Career is considered to be an important aspect because we earn our daily bread and butter from our profession. Sometimes it seems difficult to choose the right career in life. Because there are so many options available which one leads to confusion as which direction to choose! There are some methods in astrology from which a person can explore his interest in life. Definitely free astrology India can help someone to choose the right career according to planet positions.

Chat with free online astrologer for your career success

Expert astrologer in India predicts the career based on a person’s personality what kind of interest he wants from his life. Some may want status while others want financial stability. Some people may show interest in the public dealing and travel while others will need solitude and no travel. Some like to work from home, while others want to work from office. An attempt to figure one’s life profession will reveal all these variables.

What astrology says about your career?

Your free online chat with astrologer will reveal the natural talents you inherent at the time of your birth which can contribute to your work and career path. In astrology the ascendant and the ruling planet of the ascendant in which house the planet resides will reflect the main interest of the individual throughout life.

The 10th house is house of career and profession.

The 6th house is for work.

See, what planets are located in these two houses and what these planets are indicating towards, as well as the houses they rule. The houses these planets rule when located in the career houses (6th and 10th) will tell what kind of career they will have.

Are you in the suitable profession that the planets have decided for you?

The next step is to check what houses the rulers of the two houses of work and career, 6th and 10th occupy. These areas will be of major importance as to the talents and interests of the individual. The 2nd house and its ruler can indicate the way in which we make our money, gives clues to the profession or career. It is the 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses which are the artha houses. Artha is the recognition in the material world and wealth, so all three of these houses are indicative of our career choices.

The planets that are indicators for career are Sun and Saturn, because they are for the 10th house which is the house of Career. See the houses they occupy in relation to interest and abilities. The Sun is the planet of leadership and power and is important to career. Saturn as ruler of the 10th sign Capricorn will indicate where we are organized and disciplined.

Planets and career interest

  • Career Indication of Sun: Government job, Authoritative job, Presidents, military, and politicians.
  • Career Indication of Moon: Moon gives fame, Caring nature. Food industry, chefs, cook, nursing.
  • Career Indication of Mars: Soldier, police, real estate, sports, military, engineers, doctors, surgeons, detectives.
  • Career Indication of Mercury: Communicative business like writing, teaching, sales, computers, telephones, T.V., travel, and advertising.
  • Career Indication of Jupiter: Lawyer, teachers, professors, judges, politicians, astrologers, Priest, spiritual leaders, pilot, and management of finance.
  • Career Indication of Venus: Fashion designer, entertainer, acting, Arts, music, luxuries, florist, makeup, fashion, clothes, hotel management and interior designing.
  • Career Indication of Saturn: Humanitarians, leaders, organizers, disciplinarians, real estate, metal business, law field.
  • Career Indication of Rahu (North Node): Showbiz business, entertainment, Politics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, drugs, foreign items, foreign trade, electrical things, and aircraft.
  • Career Indication of Ketu (South Node): Spiritual healer, monk, astrologers, scientist, metaphysical studies, and research work.
  • Career Indication of Neptune: Films, photographer, artist, poet, psychic, oil, gas, alcohol, drugs, water, wine and work in ships.
  • Career Indication of Uranus: Astrology, aircraft, technology, inventions, computers, electricity, digital media.
  • Career Indication of Pluto: Atomic energy, corporate field and power energy.

Free astrology consultation can help you choose your career wisely

Depending on house, your planets and its sign influence most in your chart you may have career interest. Free online astrology consultation for career in a deeper level can be assessed by nakshatra and career associated house and planets.

Nakshatra of Ascendant, Sun, Moon and 10th house lord shows interest and capabilities within you. Ascendant nakshatra indicates your basic interest throughout your life. Sun nakshatra shows what your soul wants and Moon nakshatra show what you are mentally inclined and 10th house’s lord nakshatra is your professional life.

Plan a perfect long term career taking free astrology advice

Check your nakshatra of career associated house and planets, Ascendant, Sun, Moon and 10th lord nakshatra to know your career path. Nakshatra associated with North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu) can be your soul purpose of life. Nakshatra of these Lunar Nodes compel you to automatically achieve your desire in your life. can provide you online free josiyam for a prosperous and fulfilling career ahead by analysing your planets and houses. Discover your career path now.

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