Rahu in 6th house of your horoscope chart

Rahu in 6th house of your horoscope chart

What results does Rahu give in the 6th house? Will it be blessing the natives or not? Know the detailed effects of Rahu in sixth house of your Horoscope chart.

The planet Rahu (just like the planet Ketu), a shadow planet, exists only as a reference point, is very different from the other 7 planets. Rahu is the situation wherein Sun gets eclipsed. In other words, it happens when the Moon obstructs Sun’s vision on Earth. However, in terms of astrology, Rahu means a lot. It is a highly malefic planet, which stands for illusion, materialism and the things that obstruct the smooth way of life. When Rahu enters the 6th house, the natives may be very good at conflict management.

Effects of Rahu in the 6th House:

  • Managerial abilities
  • Attitude towards others
  • Attitude towards tough situations
  • Longevity and health

Positive impact or good effects of Rahu in 6th house:

The natives of Rahu-ketu in the 6th house wish to accumulate the privileges associated with servitude. They can very well manage the workings in associations. They can also resolve conflicts very effectively. Traversing through the difficulties of everyday life, these natives become aware of a lot many ways and methods which most of the other individuals are unaware of.

The natives of Rahu in the sixth house have a strong desire to serve others especially those who are facing tough and difficult times in life. It’s probably that natives could get into arguments that are of no use and substance.

Besides, due to the effect of Rahu in the 6th house, the natives are more likely to pursue a job. In other words, the natives will prefer service as a career over running a business. In fact, the natives of Rahu in the 6th housewill do quite well as employees working in a company. The employers will be very pleased with their work and they will be in the good books of the higher-ups.

Negative Impact of Rahu in 6th House:

Also, these natives share an uneasy relationship with their domestic helpers, staffs and maternal relatives. These natives also challenge the traditional modes and ways of forming alliances and associations.

Also, the natives of Moon in the 2nd house might face some serious difficulties, which may happen due to poverty, servitude, divorce, drugs, wars, illnesses and oppression. Besides, this position may bring sudden gains to the natives. It is also possible that the natives may invest in financial instruments which might bring them at risk. Thus, they’ll either make massive gains or incur huge losses. The difficulties in their life can be sorted out by using proper remedies for Rahu in the sixth house.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in 6th house should perform the following Lal Kitab remedies:

  • Native should keep a black dog at home.
  • He/She should also keep a lead nail in his pocket.
  • Buy a solid silver ball for rahu & keep it in your Puja room.
  • She/He should not harm his/her siblings.

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Rahu is a malefic planet, which is considered largely negative. Its placement in the 6th house will create mixed results for the natives. They are good at managing conflicts and difficult situations and providing help to the needy. However, in certain provoking situations, they may exhibit disruptive behavior. They have to address the likely possibility of losing faith in goodness and happiness.

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Presence of Rahucan make us grossly materialistic and derail us from the path of goodness and happiness. We have to be very careful with this planet.

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