Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology & Free Prediction of Childbirth

Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology & Free Prediction of Childbirth

Free Prediction of Childbirth, you can simplify the influence on a baby born and the time during pregnancy. Additionally, take the help of our pregnancy problem solution by astrology to solve the events during pregnancy.

Pregnancy astrology is all about time. It’s explained as the knowledge of the movements and positions of astronomical bodies. Vedic astrology teaches us that there is a time and place for everything, and due to some changes and effects, it creates problems in our life. We can use pregnancy astrology to identify the times when we are most likely to conceive a baby and check is there any chance of conception.

Before a consultation for a pregnancy, the astrologer needs to studies the couple’s birth horoscope: the precise time, date, and location of their birth. From this, the pregnancy problems solution by astrology will draw up the couple’s birth chart, and with analysis of these horoscopes that provide the knowledge regarding the women’s chances of becoming mother and problems during pregnancy.

Astrological remedies for childbirth problems

During pregnancy stages, each month is ruling by a particular planet. Kundli prediction for pregnancy helps you to get an idea about which planets is for which month and what problems they created and astrological remedies for childbirth problems:

  • Venus (Shukra)gives the results for 1st month. If the mother’s Shukra is weak, then in the first month, the mother will experience some problems. These problems can even cause miscarriage if Shukra gives unwanted effects. It needs to make this Venus strong in your child birth horoscope because the first month is the most necessary month during pregnancy.
  • 2nd Month belongs to Mangal. Mangal ruling bones and blood of the baby. Beautiful looking & Healthy and strong, brave, and fearless child is possible only if Mars is +ve. If it’s week its affect the baby health, astrology for childbirth for free helps you to overcome it.
  • It belongs to guru. If the mother’s guru is influential, the babies’ skin is beautiful. The children always obey their parents & they are also born intelligent.
  • 4th Month of Pregnancy belongs to Surya. For the baby’s cheerful and righteousness, Surya is necessary. If the mother’s chart Surya is strong, the child will have a strong face, and this child will be perfect in their education. He or she will achieve a position in society that is powerful and respectful. If the mother sun planet getting week child birth prediction in kundli than, its need to solve before it cause any problems during pregnancy
  • This month belongs to Chandra. If the mother’s Chandra is +ve and influential, the child’s health condition always better. Chandra gives effects in baby health and pregnancy problems, so with pregnancy prediction horoscope free. its need to solve before it creates any problems
  • 6th is the month of Shani. Necessary to make Sani influential to having a healthy nervous system. If Sani is weak, the baby may have ENT or breathing-related problems as well. It’s necessary to take steps before it creates more problems with pregnancy prediction and make your baby’s future safe.
  • 7th month of pregnancy belongs to the buddha, responsible for making your child’s brain development, which helps for baby become very intelligent and smart. Good Budha makes sure your baby won’t have any mental problems.
  • 8th Month belongs to your Ishta Devta based on your main planet. Whoever your Ishta devata, you need to devote towards it because of its a crucial time.
  • 9th is the time when the child has to be born. This month again belongs to Chandra, which helps to normal pregnancy. And If it’s showing some problems, then show difficulty in pregnancy.

Parenthood is a precious gift for every maired couple, and difficulty and delay of birth make their life hell. The pregnancy problem solution is here to help you to solve it and makes your dream come true. For advice and solutions, visit or call us at +91–9776190123/+91–9178117363.

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