Pregnancy problem solution by astrology for blissful motherhood

Pregnancy problem solution by astrology for blissful motherhood

Get the best solution and minute analysis of your childbirth problems about miscarriage, conceiving a baby, delay of childbirth many more with pregnancy problem solution by astrology.

The progeny problem is a critical problem with married couples. There are many cases in which, despite having good physical potential and having all the abilities couples, are not having babies, which is necessary to make a complete family.

Because of this, many types of emotion appear in mind. Some females also go into depression due to not having kids. The woman is said to be incomplete without having a kid. Many types of humiliating words are heard by a woman if not having a baby at the proper time. The pregnancy problem solution by astrology and astrological sciences helps to find the causes of the problems of the offspring or the birth of a child.

Reason for pregnancy problems with astrology for convincing baby:

Pregnancy astrologers, clearing all the astrology causes and other causes for not having a baby in proper time, hope this will clear your doubts and help you a lot to overcome your childbearing problems.

  • If in the birth horoscope the progeny place is affected, then the couple may face the problems of not having a child.
  • If the child’s place is affected by malefic planets in both husband and wife horoscopekundli prediction for pregnancy finds that it is very tough for the couple to have a kid.
  • Sometimes due to Grahan’s dosh, it is also possible that the couple faces problems in having a good child.
  • Sometimes due to the planetary problem, the mother faces difficulty in conceiving.
  • Many times, due to destructive minded persons also, it is found that the Womb is affected by using tantra due to which even a healthy female not able to give birth.
  • According to the childless problem in astrology, sometimes due to weak planetary power, the female is unable to conceive.
  • Evil eye effects also put impacts on a person’s life and create a problem in having a kid.
  • Sometimes the progeny place may be ok. But Due to the present planetary movements, the progeny place is affected.

Pregnancy prediction horoscope free to protect the child from negative energy

According to pregnancy prediction horoscope free, if anyone is facing a miscarriage, then she must take the following precaution in daily life to prevent it from negative energy as-Please don’t discuss your pregnancy everywhere.

  • Don’t go outside during amavas or no moon day, in death.
  • Don’t cross from any chouraha like, the place where the intersection point of 4 crossroads.
  • Always carry a kawach of Hanumanji to protect your womb.
  • Eat healthily, read healthy books.

Astrological remedies for childbirth problems:

The astrological remedies for childbirth problems give you the solutions, mentioned below can be used to get rid of any astrological obstacle in life,

  • Increase the influence of the fifth Lord: By praying the fifth Lord, the -ve consequences of the fifth house removed in the horoscope.
  • Praying Lord Jupiter: Worshiping lord Jupiter is the easiest way for a child birth horoscope. So, to grab the Jupiter and improve its effects, it is suggested to pray to lord Jupiter.
  • Doing Charity: Guru or Jupiter is associated with Thursday, so if distributing jaggery or Guud to needy people on Thursday is beneficial.
  • Navgrahas Puja: All the planets and the astronomical bodies will bless you if you perform the Navgrahas puja. Based on childbirth prediction in kundli, it helps your life will be positive, and the problems arising in terms of childbirth will be solved.
  • Pray to Rahu — Ketu: The association and interaction of Rahu and Ketu with the fifth lord or fifth house in the horoscope determine to delay or hindrance about baby birth. Rahu and Ketu are the bad omens in our horoscopes. To get free of Rahu- Ketu malefic influence, thenchild birth astrology advised that one should recite their mantra and do charity.

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