Pregnancy prediction by date of birth helps with pregnancy problems

Childbirth prediction in kundli for pregnancy astrology

Childbirth prediction in kundli for overcoming every issue related to pregnancy such as delay of childbirth, abortion, pregnancy prediction, a problem during pregnancy.

Exactly when an unpleasant problem appears in someone’s life, and they make honest attempts to solve this problem. But they cannot deal with this problem without someone else, and a large number of them gradually run out at the moment they are complete, in the dark about their future.

To overcome that time pregnancy prediction by date of birth gives their best effort and solves every issue regarding pregnancy problems. Some issues like:

When will i get pregnant astrology prediction free?

The question like according to my kundali when will i get pregnant or when will I get pregnant these answers, are finding from the position of the 5th house astrology of the letter, which means children. If the fifth house and its lord are positions in the birth horoscope, and there are auspicious planets in this house, there are no obstacles to having children. As per childbirth astrology, both couple’s horoscopes should need to review thoroughly to decide whether to a child or not. 

When is the best time to conceive a baby?

Jupiter – Karak children. When this auspicious planet transits from the 1st, 9th, or 11th house, then the 5th house enters the wrong position because of its Drishti or gaze. This moment of Jupiter’s movement aids in children’s planning, and the childbirth prediction in kundli can count down the timeline.

What are the rules for a safe and healthy pregnancy?

What are the rules for a safe and healthy pregnancy? Vedic astrology recommends observing all the ancient practices of dressing in sanskar so that a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. The mother should eat sattvic food, do meditations and simple asanas, and be mentally alert. She should perform namajapa and read tales from the epics and Puranas to transmit pure vibrations to the child in the womb. According to free childbirth prediction in kundli, the planets also, if well positioned and unfavorable nakshatras such as Rohini, Swati, and Dhanishta, also provide a smooth pregnancy experience in kundli child prediction.

Can you tell me some means to conceive a child, since I also go to the doctors?

Along with modern medicines and following the instructions of the doctor, one should also resort to calmness and spirituality. It will calm the mind and body. It is difficult for an anxious and anxious person to get pregnant. It is also advisable to wear precious stones according to the recommendations of pregnancy prediction by date of birth free, to carry out therapy with the help of daan, vrata, and mantra.

I am pregnant, it will be safe, or will I need to treat the same?

Kundli prediction for pregnancy finds that if the fifth house is under the influence of many harmful planets, then pregnancy will have many ups and downs. The effects of Rahu, Ketu, and Shani can cause many problems and disorders, both mental and physical, for the expectant mother. Gem therapy, mantra therapy, counseling, yoga, and meditation are recommended, by pregnancy problem solution by astrology.

I had a miscarriage, please tell me the means for safe conception?

It is necessary to analyze the Rashis and the masters of the Rashis in the fifth house by pregnancy prediction horoscope free. Here are some of the combinations for Pregnancy prediction using Vedic astrology:

  • In the case of Cancer – Scorpio – in the 5th house, a person will have two children or more than that.
  • Leo: indicates one or two children.
  • Mesh, Scorpio: you may have trouble conceiving
  • Gemini – Virgo – can give you the opportunity to have twins, as they are a double sign.
  • Makar – Kumbh – gives less chance of having children.

Here we only discuss some basic questions and answer regarding childbirth. For more information or queries, you can talk to our top pregnancy astrologer. Visit or call Us at +91-9776190123.

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