Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction–“When will I get pregnant?”


Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction–“When will I get pregnant?”

Every married couple is highly concerned to know about the birth of his child. Not only this, but every parent in the world is highly concerned about the future life prediction of their child.

Ultimately, being a parent is a very big responsibility, and they make sure that no wrong decisions are taken for their child’s future. Child prediction by date of birth is an enormously rooted practice in India. Vedic Astrology provides a route to know the best period as well as time “when you would get pregnant”.

When will I get pregnant by date of birth? Childbirth prediction by Date of birth

You will get pregnant as per your Dosha, Antardasha, time period and pleasing planet location. Would you like to know the best time period for pregnancy according to astrology? And have a healthy child as per your pleasing Dasha period.

Mahadasha/Antardasha: After taking all the planets into deliberation, we need to see when these planets are getting operated as per Dasha which will also operate the houses of child birth. It is not compulsory that the whole mahadasha should support childbirth. Even if a couple is going through Antardasha of planet Jupiter or moon about 1 to 2 years, then also it can be an expected time period for the childbirth if other circumstances are satisfied.

Transits: The transits of these planets should move towards the 5th house as it becomes the house of child conception. In some cases, this planet’s transit towards the 4th house as it indicates the house of Motherhood or mother. So, we should understand the transit of planets in the 4th is considerable but preference should be 5th house as per astrology. Also, the planet Jupiter-Saturn joint impact during transfer in the 5th house is related to childbirth.
If planet Jupiter is transiting over 5th house and the planet Saturn may transit over Putra karaka of the birth chart represents the same results that are childbirth.

Saturn’s and Rahu’s Impact: If Saturn is impacting Putra Karaka or 5th house then childbirth may be delayed. If Rahu impacting Putra Karaka or 5th house then the couple may need medical assistance to have a child-like Adoption, Test-tube baby or surrogacy, etc.

Are childbirth problems troubling you?

First of all, analyze the horoscope of both the man and the woman; there may be either of the two possibilities to check in the kundali:

  • See whether it is a type of childlessness.
  • See whether it is a case of delay.

If the horoscope prediction promises the birth of a child, the timing has to be verified from both Antardasha and the transit of the planets. In all such cases first, the horoscope of the male is examined for the possibility of a child and later, the female horoscope is examined for the time of conception.

Male Horoscope:
For analyzing a childbirth horoscope, the following procedure should be followed:

  • Study the 5th House and 5th planet/Lord from Lagna.
  • Examine the 5th House and 5th planet/Lord from Moon.
  • Study the 5th House and 5th Lord from Jupiter.
  • Examine the 5th House and 5th Lord/planet from Saptamsha.

Children are born in the dashas joined with the 5th House of the Lord/planet of the 5th House or of Saptamsha. An afflicted 5th planet, which can be blaze, retrograde and inspected by another retrograde planet, results in the delay of childbirth.

  1. The 5th House has reversed Saturn inspected by Sun. This signifies a delay in conceiving.
  2. Planet/Lord of the 5th House, Jupiter with Planet Venus in 10th House is good.
  3. In Saptamsha, Saturn, Lord/Planet of the 5th House is inspected by Jupiter, which again promises a child.

Female Horoscope:

  • In the female horoscope, the 5th House planet has gone into 12th House. This is not positive.
  • The 5th House has the aspect of Sun and planet Venus, which is promising.
  • From planet Jupiter, planet Saturn aspects the 5th House along with Mars and Mercury. This is a case of delay in pregnancy.
  • In Saptamsha, the 5th House has Ketu but the 5th Lord is with planet Venus aspect by Jupiter might possible in a delay of childbirth.

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