Pregnancy astrology by date of birth to know your childbirth astrology

Pregnancy astrology by date of birth to know your childbirth astrology

Get details report for Best timing of pregnancy, Guidance if obstacles or Miscarriages and advice in child conceiving problems by pregnancy astrology by date of birth.

All couples want to have a child after marriage. It is necessary to increase Srishti and increase the line of succession. Parents think they are lucky to have children. Even after taking all the medical cures, there is difficulty in childbirth. In that case, pregnancy astrology by date of birth can only show as the last ray of hope.

Even socially, people without children consider themselves inferior to fate. If you have problems with the children in your life.

Pregnancy astrology for child birth prediction

You can get a pregnancy prediction horoscope free diagnosis from a good childbirth astrology specialist and bring happiness back into your life by following these steps.

Astrological forecast for the birth of a child. In the ancient texts on astrology, much has been said about pregnancy prediction. We would like to mention some of them here. I like:

  • Whether there is childish happiness in luck or not.
  • How long will it be for a son or daughter?
  • What will the child be like?
  • Measures to reduce childhood happiness.

By the child prediction by date of birth of both husband and wife, you can find out all the above information by following the advice of our expert.

How to solve delay of childbirth

When the position of the planets in the 5th house in astrology of the birth horoscope is wrong, we must face obstacles in the origin of offspring. I like:

  1. Conceive a baby or not.
  2. The baby was born prematurely.
  3. Born a cripple
  4. Born too late, etc.

The first child of the fifth house, the second child in the seventh house, the third child in the ninth house, and other children of the same sequence are described in child birth prediction in kundli.

According to my kundali when will i get pregnant? Astrology prediction

The correct answer to the question according to my kundali when will i get pregnant may differ depending on our horoscope.

  • In which children born with a combination of the Sun, Mars and Guru will be boys according to free prediction of childbirth.
  • A child born with a Venus / Moon combination will be a woman.
  • Mercury and Saturn are powerless houses. Sometimes this can lead to the helplessness of children.

When will i get pregnant according to my birth date free

This can be detected only by studying the horoscope of the husband and wife by Kundli prediction for pregnancy. When and when the family will receive the number of children. According to pregnancy astrologer, we can do family planning. And you can avoid bad times and get what you want. Certain astrological remedies can also be taken by professionals beforehand. What will help us overcome this problem?

Astrological Solution for Kundli Child Prediction:

It is known from the horoscope that due to the mistakes of the previous birth; we faced this problem. Which houses are responsible for this? Chanting the mantras of their deities, offering, havan, reading the world and wearing precious stones. We can solve your problem-based pregnancy prediction by date of birth free.

To avoid past problems in our life, we must analyze our Horoscope. Because sometimes the good delivery time has already passed. Or we cannot act ahead of time. Therefore, it is not profitable for us. Indian kundli child prediction scriptures provide an astrological basis for obtaining desired children.

As we have seen, delaying or not giving birth can bring several difficulties in life, so a decision in this matter is necessary for a happy life. Only a kundali predictions for child expert can suggest the right medicines for a person by carefully analyzing that person’s horoscope.

Without the right advice, a person cannot get rid of the problems they face in life. Pregnancy problem solution by astrology make all the calculations, listen carefully to you, and then simply answer, in no way misleading you. our astrologers will bring you lasting relief in the best possible way. So, visit or call us at +91-9776190123/+91-9178117363.

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