Planet transit in 2020: Major Astrology events


Planet transit in 2020: Major Astrology events

Astrology has lot to do with analysis of effects on human lives due to different planetary position of planets. A particular planet’s positioning in a zodiac sign during it’s natural course of transit has some certain implications. Here is a detailed information by astrologers about the major 2020 planetary transit dates.

A series of planetary transits and motions are going to take place in the year 2020.The forth coming transit of planets in 2020 will surely impact your life depending on the situation. As per Indian astrology our planets are constantly moving with their varying speed on their defined path, hence they affect one’s life differently.

In Vedic Astrology, current planetary transits have an important significance as they influence an individual’s present as well as future. Let’s have a thorough look on the most impactful astrology events/planet transit 2020 happening this year.

Mars Transit 2020

Mars (मंगल), the fiery red planet, the most masculine among the nine planets, occupies fourth spot in planetary transit. In Vedic astrology, while making one’s Kundli, Mars occupies the first house in the Birth report and plays a very significant role. In horoscope, Mars is considered as the leading planet i.e. the lord of the Lagna (लग्न) and it is the lord of Aries and Scorpio zodiac sign. Mars has a very important role in one’s overall physical appearance, energy and vigor. Mars transit or do Gochar from one zodiac sign to another in about 40-45 days. Mangal Dosha is caused by Mars which impacts the conjugal compatibility.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Scorpio to sagittarius Saturday, Feb 8 2020 , 4:14am Mula
Sagittarius to capricorn Sunday, Mar 22 2020, 3:02pm Shatabhisa
Capricorn to Aquarius Monday, May 4 2020, 9:04pm Uttaraphalguni
Aquarius to Pisces Thursday, June 18 2020, 8:41pm Dwija
Pisces to aries Sunday, Aug 16 2020, 7:21pm Ashwini
Aries to Pisces Sunday, October 4 2020, 9:10pm Revati
Pisces to Aries Thursday, Dec 24 2020, 11:00am Ashwini

Mercury Transit 2020

The fourth place on the planet transit is owned by planet Mercury (बुध). Mercury transits or Gochar in one zodiac i.e. thirty degrees (30°) takes about 14 days to travel the entire zodiac signs. Mercury imparts knowledge, wisdom, and at the same time is known among the planets giving beauty, gentleness, and understanding. Mercury is regarded as the lord of Gemini and Virgo zodiac sign. It gives joy, splendor, and prosperity but also pertains to diseases related to head, skin, and throat. When paired with auspicious planets like, Moon, Jupiter and Venus, Mercury gives auspicious results, while paired with inauspicious planets like Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Sagittarius to Capricorn Monday, January 13 2020, 11:44AM Ashlesha
Capricorn to Aquarius Friday, January 31 2020, 03:02AM Revati
Aquarius to Pisces Tuesday, April 7 2020, 02:34AM Uttaraphalguni
Pisces to Aries Saturday, April 25 2020, 02:43AM Ashwini
Aries to Taurus Saturday, May 9 2020, 09:54AM Jyeshtha
Taurus to Gemini Monday, May 25 2020, 12:04AM Adra
Gemini to Cancer Sunday, Aug 2 2020, 03:41AM Purba ashadha
Cancer to Leo Monday, Aug 17 2020, 08:36AM Magha
Leo to Virgo Wednesday, Sept 2 2020, 12:11AM Shatabhisa
Virgo to Libra Tuesday, Sept 22 2020, 5:05PM Anuradha
Libra to Scorpio Saturday, Nov 28 2020, 07:14AM Dwija
Scorpio to Sagittarius Thursday, Dec 17 2020, 11:47AM Mula

Jupiter Transit 2020

Jupiter (बृहस्पति), the lord of North-East direction is recognized as a very significant planet when it comes to the planetary system and the key significator of knowledge and stability. Jupiter transit in the zodiac, doing 30 degrees, one zodiac in a year. Jupiter as a planet plays a very significant role in one’s Kundli, especially in the center house compared to other houses. When Jupiter pairs with Moon, a very auspicious astrological formulations (SundarYog,सुंदरयोग ) is formed in one’s Kundli. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces is found to be most impactful while positioned in Cancer and ascertained to be least influential while positioned in Capricorn.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Sagittarius to Capricorn Monday, March 30 2020, 06:00AM Rohini
Capricorn to Sagittarius Tuesday, June 30 2020, 03:07AM Swati
Sagittarius to Capricorn Friday, Nov 20 2020, 02:55AM Uttara ashadha

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Venus Transit 2020

Venus (शुक्र) acquires the sixth place in the planet transit and also considered as the causative planet of life in the planetary transit (Grah Gochar). Venus planet is the master of two zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. Venus takes just 23 days to complete the transit in one zodiac i.e. thirty degrees (30°) within 23 days, due to which Venus transit (Shukra Gochar) takes about 276 days to travel the entire zodiac signs.The Sun and Moon are the rival planets of Venus while Saturn, Mercury are the friendly planets of Venus. Venus the planet of strength and vitality plays a key role in one’s kundli, if present in 6th house yields unfruitful result and if in 7th house gives fruitful outcome.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Capricorn to Aquarius Thursday, Jan 9 2020, 04:35AM Mrugashira
Aquarius to Pisces Monday, Feb 3 2020, 02:30AM Krittika
Pisces to Aries Saturday, Feb 29 2020, 01:47AM Dwija
Aries to Taurus Saturday, Mar 28 2020, 03:55PM Dwija
Taurus to Gemini Saturday, Aug 1 2020, 05:29AM Mula
Gemini to Cancer Tuesday, Sept 1 2020, 02:18AM Dhanistha
Cancer to Leo Monday, Sept 28 2020, 01:15AM Dhanistha
Leo to Virgo Friday, Oct 23 2020, 10:58AM Uttara ashadha
Virgo to Libra Tuesday Nov 27 2020, 01:15AM Ashwini
Libra to Scorpio Friday Dec 11 2020, 05:30AM Chitra

Saturn Transit 2020

Saturn (शनि), the lord of justice and karma is placed in the 7th house. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius and its colors are blue and black. Saturn’s most feared ‘Sade-Sati’ is the 7 ½ years-long stretch of Saturn (Sani peyarchi 2020 date) is known to come thrice in one’s life where one has to face numerous challenges during this period. Shani Gochar 2020 takes about 2 to 2 ½ years to travel one zodiac, which is approx. 30° (thirty-degree) of transit. Venus and Mercury are friendly planets of Saturn in planetary transit or Grah Gochar. The influence of Saturn transit 2020 to 2023 predictions in Yuti and their zodiac signs are considered auspicious while the sun, moon and mars are enemy planets of Saturn.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Sagittarius to Capricorn Friday, Jan 24 2020, 12:00PM Uttara ashadha
Capricorn to Sagittarius Monday, May 11 2020, 12:00PM Purba ashadha
Sagittarius to Capricorn Tuesday, Sep 29 2020, 12:00PM Shatabhisha

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Rahu Transit 2020

Rahu (राहु) has been placed in the eighth (8th) position in the planetary system, recognized as a shadow entity and causes eclipses. Rahu ketu transit (Rahu Gochar) or travels in one zodiac i.e. 30° within 18 months, due to which Rahu takes about 18 years to travel the entire zodiac. According to the transit Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are friendly planets, hence the influence of Rahu in Yuti and their zodiac signs are Affirmative. Sun, Moon and Mars are the ultimate rivals of Rahu for which their union is seen as negative. Any important work should be refrained during Rahu kaal of a day as Rahu is the most powerful at that point of time.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Gemini to Taurus Saturday, Sep 19 2020, 08:06PM Chitra
Aries to Taurus Wednesday, Sep 23 2020, 12:52PM Jyeshtha

Ketu Transit 2020

Ketu (केतु) is placed at ninth place according to the planetary transit and attracts a lot of negativity. Ketu travels in one zodiac i.e. thirty degrees (30°) within 18 months, due to which it takes about 18 years to travel the entire zodiac signs. The effect of Ketu in Scorpio is very promising while its effect in Taurus is not contemplated very well. Saturn, Mercury and Venus are friendly planets with Ketu. The Sun, Moon and Mars are enemy planets. Whenever Ketu is the same house with these planets, gives adverse effects in the Yuti and their zodiac signs. All sorts of skin ailments related to hand and foot and diseases correlated to stomach are affected by the transition of Ketu in one’s house at a non-favorable place.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Libra to Scorpio Wednesday, Sep 23 2020, 12:52PM Jyeshtha

Sun Transit 2020

Sun (रवि), the mighty source of energy transit (Surya Gochar) is very auspicious for all the native zodiacs of friendly planets of Sun namely Mars, Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter planet. Various sorts of auspicious Raj Yoga (unification of propitious planets in a Kundli) are formed when Sun is in a good position while in transit (Surya Gochar) in one’s horoscope. Sun’s influence in Aries, Leo and Capricorn zodiac is also considered extremely beneficial. Sun travels in Aries zodiac between 14th April until 15th May at an angle of 10° degree and in Gemini, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius transits in Pisces from March 15 to April 14.

Transit Date & Time Nakshatra
Sagittarius to Capricorn Wednesday, Jan 15 2020, 02:23AM Ashlesha
Capricorn to Aquarius Thursday, Feb 13 2020, 03:18PM Hasta
Aquarius to Pisces Saturday, March 14 2020, 12:09PM Vishakha
Pisces to Aries Monday, April 13 2020, 08:39PM Mula
Aries to Taurus Thursday, May 14 2020, 05:33PM Dhanishtha
Taurus to Gemini Monday, June 15 2020, 12:10AM Revati
Gemini to Cancer Thursday, July 16 2020, 11:03AM Ashwini
Cancer to Leo Sunday, Aug 16 2020, 07:27PM Mrugashira
Leo to Virgo Wednesday, Sep 16 2020, 07:23PM Magha
Virgo to Libra Saturday, Oct 17 2020, 07:22AM Jyeshtha
Libra to Scorpio Monday, Nov 16 2020, 07:10AM Anuradha
Scorpio to Sagittarius Tuesday, Dec 15 2020, 09:48PM Mula

2020 Celestial Calender

  • 10th January– Full moon in Cancer/ Lunar eclipse
  • 12th January– Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
  • 24th January– New moon in Aquarius
  • 9th February: Full Moon and Super-moon
  • 10th February: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
  • Feb 16th- March 9th– Mercury retrograde
  • 23rd February: New Moon in Pisces
  • 4th March: Mercury RETROGRADE enters Aquarius
  • 9th March: Full moon in Virgo
  • 20th March: Sun enters Aries, March Equinox
  • 24th March:New moon in Aries
  • 8th April- Full moon in Libra
  • 23rd April– New moon in Taurus
  • 25th April-4th October– Pluto retrograde
    • 7th May – Full moon in Scorpio
    • May 10- September 28– Saturn retrograde
    • 12th May – 24th June– Venus retrograde
    • 14th May – 12th Sept– Jupiter retrograde
    • 22nd May– New moon in Gemini
  • 5th June– Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
  • 17th June- 11th July – Mercury retrograde
  • 21st June – Solar eclipse in Cancer
  • 22nd June – 28th Nov– Neptune retrograde
  • 5th July– lunar eclipse in Capricorn
  • 20th July – New moon in Cancer
  • 3rd August – full moon in Aquarius
  • 5th August– Uranus retrograde through January 13, 2021
  • 19th August– New moon in Leo
  • 2nd September – Full moon in Pisces
  • 9th September – 13th November – Mars retrograde
  • 17th September – New moon in Virgo
  • 1st October – full moon in Aries
  • October 13- November 3– Mercury retrograde
  • 16th October – New moon in Libra
  • 31st October– Full moon in Taurus
  • 12th November– Jupiter conjunct Pluto
  • 15th November– New moon in Scorpio
  • 30th November– Lunar eclipse in Gemini
  • 14th December – Solar eclipse in Sagittarius
  • 30th December – Full moon in cancer

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Whenever the moon is present between the Earth and the Sun and the shadow of the Moon falls on the Earth, this celestial activity is called a Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) and is not considered as auspicious because of the malefic effects. Similarly when the Sun comes in between the Sun and moon and casts a shadow over the surface of the moon resulting a blood moon is called as Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse).

Sun Eclipse (Surya Grahan) 2020 date and time

Surya Grahan
1st Sunday 21 Jan 2020, 09:16 AM Sunday 21 Jan 2020, 03:04 PM
Monday 14 Dec 2020, 07:04 PM
Tuesday 15 Dec 2020, 12:23 AM

Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahan) 2020 date and time

Chandra Grahan
1st Friday Jan 10 2020, 10:39 PM Saturday Jan 11 2020, 02:40 AM
2nd Friday Jun 5 2020, 11:16 PM Saturday June 6 2020, 02:32 AM
3rd Sunday July 5 2020, 08:38 AM Sunday July 5 2020, 11:21 AM
4th Monday Nov 30 2020, 01:04 PM Monday Nov 30 2020, 05:22 PM

Planetary transits 2020 Vedic astrology has an important significance affect our lives individually. The planetary transits have an implication on the lives of the difference zodiac sign natives. 2020 will witness some major planetary transits which would have both positive and negative influences. Understanding the planetary transits 2020 (Gochara) give us an opportunity to amend the results of the planetary positions in our birth chart.

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