All you need to know about pitra dosh


All you need to know about pitra dosh

Not everyone’s birth chart contain same problems, in life many problems come in different stages of human being. The changing position of planets, sun, moon and all the natural creators shows bad effects on your respective horoscope. So horoscope matching is the most important part in life to maintain a sparkle life by solving all dosh in your horoscope like pitra dosh, mangal dosh , nadi dosh, dwi dwadash and many more problems.

Solution of a problem means always deal with difficult situations in the state of being solved. Always focus on the solution not to the problem in your life. If problems are solved as soon as possible then it is all right but if you ignored it then many uncertainty problems are seen in your future life.

What is pitra dosh?

Niche pitra dosh ke baare mein pura jankari hai:- Astrology and Puranas have different beliefs regarding Pitra dosh but it is decided that it is a defect associated with our ancestors and people of the family. Pitra dosh causes obstacles in our worldly life and in spiritual practice. The blood of our forefather flows in our veins. Our ancestors are of many types, because we were born here today and tomorrow somewhere else.

Want to know all reasons of pitra dosh?

According to astrology, the horoscope of Pitra dosha and Pitra loan is called cursed horoscope. Such a person gives pain and sorrow to his maternal side ie mother in addition to maternal uncle, maternal aunt, maternal grandfather and maternal grandfather, grandparents, uncle-aunt, tau-tai, etc. and disregard and despise him. In the birth chart, if the Sun is affected by the sight of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu or the combination, then the position of ancestral debt is considered in the horoscope of the native. Apart from this, there are many other situations are occur. However, in addition to this, a person also creates Pitru Dosh from his actions. Scholars have associated Pitra Dosh with Brihaspati (Guru). If two evil planets are affected by Guru planet and the Guru is in the 4-8-12th house or in low zodiac sign and it is poor by degrees, then this defect completely decreases and this Pitra Dosh is from the previous ancestor (Bap Dada great grandfather). Comes, which lasts for seven generations.

Do you know role of lal kitab on pitra dosh?

There are many types of ancestral debt such as our deeds, soul, father, brother, sister, mother, wife, daughter and son. The debt of the soul is also called its own debt. When a person does anti-religion work in his native’s previous birth, he repeats this habit in this birth also. In this case, this defect is automatically created on him. Anti-religion means that you are not responsible for the ancient religion of India, Hinduism. The bad deeds of previous birth do not give up in this birth. This blame exists on most Indians. He gets punished even after being innocent due to selfishness.

Are you hear about pitra dosh mantra?

Below there are pitra dosh mantra

  • Om sarba Pitra Devataya Namah
  • Om Pitra Narayanay Namah
  • Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah

Are effects of pitra dosh horrible or not?

Being punished even after innocent due to selfishness. Heart disease and health becomes weak. A person always suffers from mental stress by always having struggle in life. A person suffers from lack of respect and dignity, as well as suffering on behalf of the child, problems of childlessness, poor health of the child or always having bad association of the child. There are other side effects of Pitra dosha – such as many incurable and serious types of disease. Suffering from diseases received from generations or diseases that continue to be passed on from generation to generation. The effect of Pitra dosha is also on the women of the house. By this pitra dosha nivaran puja you can get a totally free from the ancestors and the problems which are occurring by this.

Is pitra dosh remedies really works?

Here there are some pitra dosh remedies below

  • Offering and performing shraddha in the Pitrupaksha
  • Giving birth to children and performing religious rituals in it
  • Reading Hanuman Chalisa daily or use hanuman mantra for pitra dosh
  • Fixing the Vastu of the house and keeping all the pores of the body clean daily
  • Applying tilak of pure water on Bhrkuti
  • If you read about Brahma’s son and Manas sons in detail, then you will get to know who our ancestors are. From Afghanistan to Arunachal and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we are all children of Brahma. Our religion is Hindu and our religion book is only Vedas. So do not change your cast and live a problem free life.

    Do puja for pitra dosh remove it from kundli?

    There are Various pitra dosh upay by which we totally free from this this dosh problem. The only major way is pitra dosh puja. And by this pitra dosh puja you have to serves food to poor people and help to the needy people. By this type of helping and good natures can remove pitra dosh from kundli.

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