Most Effective Ways to Overcome Dosha for Marriage Problem


Most Effective Ways to Overcome Dosha for Marriage Problem

Dosha problems for marriage are the unfavourable conditions of life which are delaying the marriage. Get the most effective ways to solve these doshas for marriage problem from the best astrologer in India.

Doshas are the flaws that occur in a person’s birth chart and hamper prosperity in life. We all strive to live a perfect and balanced life, but these anomalies and negativities tend to creep in life and hurt our prospects of success. A Janam Kundli determines an individual’s course of life and offers an insight into the events that might unfold as time progresses.

A horoscope chart has twelve houses and the placement of celestial bodies in the same determines the dosha imbalances and benefits. What every person strives for is to attain satisfaction and balance in life with an opportunity to stay delighted over each offering.

What are the Dosha problems for marriage?

The various types of doshas for marriage and the remedies to each have been provided as follows:

  1. Manglik Dosh Problem:
    It affects marital life. Manglik Dosh occurs when Mangal or Mars within the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the Kundli or Birth Chart. An individual born with such a Kundli defect is termed as a “Manglik” and faces problems in getting a spouse or sustaining a successful marriage.
  2. Pitra Dosh Problem:
    The Pitra Dosh problem is the most obstructive and destructive astrological dosha found in the birth chart of a person. The Pitra Dosh is responsible for many odd and serious problems like `family issues, marriage problem etc. It is known to occur from the bad deeds of one’s ancestors. Pitra Dosh hampers progress and disrupts all aspects of life.
  3. Bhakoot Dosh Problem:
    Bhakoot Dosh is that the second most feared Dosh which is made during the method of matchmaking through Gun Milan. Bhakoot may be a koots or aspect which carries 7 points or Gunas consistent with the system of Gun Milan which is employed by many astrologers practising in Vedic astrology for the aim of matchmaking between two individuals.

    If Moon Signs within the horoscopes of the couple are making an inauspicious combination of 6-8, 9-5 or 12-2, Bhakoot Dosh is claimed to be formed. If Moon sign of the Boy is Aries which of the Girl is Virgo or contrariwise then Bhakoot Dosh of 6-8 is created because the Moon of girl is sixth from Moon of the boy is eighth from Moon of girl. Likewise, Bhakoot Dosh is taken into account for 9-5 and 12-2 placements of Moon signs.

    The 6-8 Bhakoot Dosh can bring major health issues to married couples. Bhakoot Dosh of 9-5 causes progeny problem and also bad relationship and Bhakoot Dosh of 12-2 can bring financial problems after marriage. There could also be loss of job, transfer, the husband and wife may live separately due to job or career-related issues.
  4. Mangal Dosh Problem:
    Vedic astrology says that Mangal Dosh occurs when Mars comes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the horoscope chart. People who are born in this condition are Manglik. Mangal Dosh is also known as Kuja Dosha. Mangal Dosha is not auspicious for the natives. The 1st house is of Lagna. The 2nd house is Kutumbh. The 4th house is for comfort. The 7th house is of marriage. The 8th house is of age.

    The 12th house is the ascendant. It is one of the major parameters which are considered when two people are going to marry. Mangal Dosha effects are very dangerous before and after marriage, hence it is advisable to eliminate it completely before marriage.

Remedies for Manglik Dosh

  • Fasting on Tuesdays.
  • Voluntary blood donation.
  • Fasting on Tuesdays and offering food to the poor and needy.
  • Visiting Navagraha temples and Hanuman temples on Tuesdays.
  • Get in love with red colour as it is the colour of romance and joyful relationships.

Remedies for Pitra Dosh

  • Feeding rice balls to cows and fish.
  • Learn to control anger and anxiety.
  • Help in the marriage of a poor girl.
  • Stay away from all sorts of troubles and quarrels.
  • To gain relief from the defect, the world-renowned astrologer Swami Vivek Ji Maharaj advices serving parents relentlessly and worshipping Sri Ram.

Remedies for Mangal Dosh

  • Kumbh Vivah
  • Marriage between two Mangliks
  • Ekadik Manglik dosha
  • Fasting
  • Reciting Mantras
  • Offerings and contributions
  • Wearing gemstones.
  • Marriage after the age of 28.
  • By visiting the Navagraha and Hanuman temples
  • Analyze your horoscope thoroughly.

Remedies for Bhakoot Dosh

The couples having Bhakoot Dosh during matchmaking shouldn’t lose heart and that they should get their horoscopes matched properly so as to understand whether such Bhakoot Dosh is capable of causing any damage or not. It should even be noted that the malefic effects of Bhakoot Dosh are often rectified with astrological remedies like Pujas, Yantra and donations in most cases, which provides us with another reason for not being scared of Bhakoot Dosh.

Hope you get the ideas for the dosha problems and their remedies which are occurred during a kundali matching for marriage. For more information you can visit

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