Jathagam Porutham Tamil: Find your life partner by matching your jathagam

jathagam porutham Tamil

Jathagam Porutham Tamil: Find your life partner by matching your jathagam

A perfect life partner make someones life happy, understanding, healthy. But finding a perfect life partner according to your personality always tough. Jathagam porutham Tamil has that potential which can help you to find a perfect partner.

In India, marriage is consider as the most important ceremony,part of life.After marriage both are starting a new phase of life with a new hope of ray. As they staring their new life with a new environment and with new people there is always a chance of dispute, misunderstanding etc. Due to this reason sometime people also come to the end result and that is divorce.Future is always uncertain so, it is always good to take the help of jathagam porutham Tamil, which will match your birth chart, kundli with your partner and will give you the best suggestion. So that in upcoming future you never going to face any type of marital problem.


Jathagam is a Tamil term and an important astrological factor which is otherwise known as kundli in Hindi. Generally, Jathagam is created in the early stage when a new born baby come to this World. Astrologer creates the Jathagam by calculating the position of stars,moon and other cosmic objects at that auspicious moment when someone got birth. Jathagam is Consider as the complete blue print of someone’s life. As it holds the details of someone’s life including present,past,future; analyzing this astrologer can solve your every problem.

Jathagam Kattam from date of birth in Tamil

Date of birth is the most common and essential factor which most be needed to avail the feature of astrology. As everyone know their date of birth .so, date of birth is very helpful to match your kundli, predicting the future etc. If you are from Tamil background then you can take the help of Jathagam kattam from date of birth in Tamil which will guide you for a bright future and can solve your every daily life problem like:

  • Future prediction
  • Marriage problem solution
  • Kundli matching
  • Love problem solution
  • Financial problem solution etc.

Tamil Horoscope

Horoscope is the most advance and beneficial part of astrology. As horoscope is categorized into 12 zodiac sign . so it is getting easy for every people to avail the service. Now a days people also getting the horoscope service in Television, news paper in daily basis. Tamil Horoscope is also now availing in online via oooom.in website. You can get quick service by visiting the site.

Tamil Jathagam software free download

In this globalized IT world everyone busy with their own stuffs. People are always fascinated towards the online software which can give the the instant result. In order to satisfy these advance audience many astrologer are providing Tamil jathagam software free download service. They have build the software in such a manner that , you just put your all necessary information and within a short period of time you will find the results. They are also providing Tamil jathagam kattam PDF report , where the details about your navagrahas, problem ,zodiac problem are mentioned.

Jathagam has ton of advantages in our daily life which have also potential to make our life meaningful. So if you are passing through any daily life problem you can take the help of Jathagam. For more details contact- 9776190123 visit- oooom.in

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