Instant solution for your pregnancy problems with Delay in child birth astrology

Instant solution for your pregnancy problems with Delay in child birth astrology

Delay in pregnancy or not able to conceive? Solve such concerns with delay in child birth and get the world best happens in your hand. Also, get a solution for any difficulty in pregnancy

The pregnancy problem solution is immensely useful when the concerned couple fails to get a child even when all the medical conditions related to progeny are found normal, or when medical science does not give satisfying reasons for not having a baby. Delay in child birth astrology deals exclusively with Vedic astrology to help the interested people of the world over and provides what they want.

Having a baby is the fantasy of each partner after marriage. When the couple is ready to take the responsibility of another new part of their life, they begin planning. Anyway, only very few couples are sufficiently fortunate to appreciate this feeling of parenthood. This may occur because of numerous reasons like issues in considering, medical problems, some ghara problems in your birth horoscope, and so on. And to tackle these kinds of issues there is pregnancy prediction horoscope free, which can help you in taking care of these sorts of issues.

Which house cause pregnancy problems for childbearing?

The Fifth House of the birth chart is the most relevant to pregnancy. It also has an impact on the connection of the native with the child. Hence, the presence of any weakening or retrograde planets (especially the naturally malevolent planets) is most likely to create problems related to childbearing.

Which houses are involved in baby birth?

2nd house indicates family, 5th house is the prime house of children, and the 11th House sums up to gain of children.There are different houses as well, such as 1st, 4th, and 10th, which nullify the positive effects of the above-mentioned houses.

Although these are the only houses associated with giving birth to a child, a lot of other factors need to be sought as per the pregnancy horoscopes to find the appropriate solutions.A pregnancy prediction by date of birth free can help you know if there are chances of miscarriage or the birth of the child will be natural or through surrogacy, how will the pregnancy problem pan out, and more.

Astrological remedies for childbirth problems:

the childbirth astrology is the aspect of Vedic or Hindu Astrology which gives particular information about whether a married couple can get babies or not, based on the natal chart of both the spouses. The possible pregnancy prediction remedies for childbirth problems are also suggested by this astrology of progeny, to help the childless couples. reliable and popular Indian astrology site which offers highly successful and impeccable services related to progeny to the aggrieved people of India and countries worldwide for a long time.

What are the causes of the delay in childbirth?

There can be many reasons present for the delay in baby birth, but still, the broader classification by pregnancy astrologers for examining the problems are:

  • Malefic Planets: Malefics, for instance, Lord Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu indicate instability in the pregnancy phase. It shows a risk of miscarriage or abortion when they are operational in the Dasha, Mahadasha, or Antardasha and also specifies when they transit or impact the 5th house.
  • Mars: The placement, features, and transit of Planet Mars are also very carefully examined. It helps in predicting whether the child will be born through the natural process, surgery, or through surrogacy.
  • 5th house: Out of the 12 Zodiac signs, an expert astrology specialist looks at the signs present in the 5th house as this house impacts pregnancy & childbirth to an extent.
  • Dosha: If the husband or wife’s horoscope is affected by a Dosha (a flaw in the conjunction of planets in the native’s horoscope because of the previous Janam and karmas), many situations and phases of life are likely to get badly affected, which includes baby birth.
  • Unfavourable Gemstones: Wearing an unfavourable gemstone may also create problems in the pregnancy of the native.

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