Identify your Gunas according to Indian Vedic astrology

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Identify your Gunas according to Indian Vedic astrology

Are the planets in your horoscope responsible for your personality traits? Vedic astrology explains how three gunas influence human psychology and behaviour.

We are all independent individuals with different qualities. Some may be positive and some may be negative while others may be neutral. But ever thought that our qualities are governed by the energy of our planets? Free Vedic astrology life predictions, says every planet has some different unique quality which is known as Gunas. A person’s nature and character are based on the Gunas of the planets present in the native’s houses.

Categorization of gunas

There are three gunas of material nature, three basic energies that create, maintain and destroy the Universe: passion (Rajas), goodness (Sattva) and ignorance (Tamas). According to the best free online Indian astrology, people can be of three gunas known as Satvik, Rajsik or Tamasik. The three guṇas are the energy movement which helps define the character of a person. It can be positively, negatively and neutrally charged.

Identifying gunas according to traits

  • Satva means the qualities which gives Love, generosity, higher wisdom, Knowledge, intelligence, forgiveness etc. So Satvik are the divine qualities and helps us in connecting towards divine.
  • Rajasik quality indicates selfish desire, passion, violence, impulsiveness. It creates aggression, competition. This Guna gives motivation.
  • Tamasik qualities give ignorance, attachment and obstruct us from understanding the happiness and higher wisdom. This guna brings us stability.

Gunas of planets

  • The Sun represents the soul, hence said to be Satvik.
  • The Moon is Satvik because she reflects purity of mind.
  • Jupiter is Satvik because he represents wisdom, the outcome of Sattva, and the noble qualities of faith, spirituality, forgiveness, wisdom, charity, etc.
  • Venus is Rajasik because she seeks desire and pleasure.
  • Mercury is Rajasik because he creates worldly interests and desire for information.
  • Mars is Tamasik because he invites accidents, enemies and fighting.
  • Saturn is Tamasik because he makes its native lazy, inert and depressed.
  • Rahu is Tamasik because he tends to create a lack of premeditation, becomes compulsively attached, and creates phobias and unrealistic perceptions.
  • Ketu is Tamasik because he is shy and tends to abstain from any action. Ketu is also having some Satvik qualities because it displays spirituality, wisdom, insights, and liberation.

Influence of Gunas on Zodiac signs

According to free astro service, the three Gunas are associated with the zodiac signs. The twelve zodiac signs play a major role in expressing the four elements – fire, earth, air, and water. These zodiac signs also have their associated Gunas which are as follows.

  • Satvik guna is possessed by Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces and is symbolized by a new born baby.
  • Rajasika guna is dominant in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Libra which are represented by the symbol of a volcanic eruption.
  • Tamasik guna is dominant in Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius and is symbolized by a tall mountain.

Revelations about Gunas

People with different dominant Gunas have different personality, characteristics and traits.

  • Tamasik people don’t follow the principles of Dharma, Karma, Moksha, and Artha. Who wants to practice some secret practice like Tantra, Mantra or any other kind of Siddhi he needs to have tamasik Quality.
  • Rajsik people are passionate, active and dynamic but self-centered sometimes. If someone wants to seek materialistic gain he or she should possess Rajasik quality.
  • Satvik people are wise and knowledgeable with pure soul and believe in good Karma. If someone wants to pursue higher knowledge or spirituality, he or she should have more Satvik quality.
  • People with mixed Tamsik and Rajsik guna are often turn out to be arrogant and egoistic.

Significance of balancing Gunas

No matter whether you are Satvik, Rajasik or Tamsik, – if you can balance your emotions and actions you can have a balanced personality. This can be attained by harmonizing our mind, body, and soul together. Your planets and zodiac sign may give you an idea of the dominant Gunas according to your planet, but what you make of yourself depends upon your skill to balance your signs.

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