Get a quick solution to resolve progeny and childbirth problems

Get a quick solution to resolve progeny and childbirth problems

How to resolve issues during pregnancy? If mothers are unable to conceive or having miscarriage issues. Quickly solve those problems with astrological remedies for childbirth problems.

The progeny and childbirth problems in couples is a serious issue. Various causes can come when, despite good physical fitness and all possibilities of childbirth, mothers do not have children, which is very important for the formation of a full family, and even the mother becomes pregnant. But has a miscarriage or problems with the growth of the baby. Couples also go to the extent of spending crores of money into treatments for it but in vain.

The lack of a child in the family also causes different feelings in the mind of the couple. Women often tend to go into depression as they are looked at by society as incapable or incomplete. In such cases, astrological remedies for childbirth problems for finding out the reason for childbearing and getting solutions for it. The spiritual ability of Astrology has good ways of providing solutions to progeny and delay of childbirth of a couple. It is done by a Pregnancy astrologer, which is a good analysis of the horoscope predictions for couples.

Complications in Pregnancy as per Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology

Baby Born by Surgery:

If a mother horoscope has a wrong placed Mars and planet Mars is in order at the Dasha or Antardasha level or is expecting the 5th house as per action in Transit, then as per pregnancy prediction by date of birth free, childbirth happens through surgery.


If, as per a mother horoscope- Saturn or Ketu or Rahu giving the results of 10th, 4th, and 1st houses are in operation in Dasha or Antardasha during pregnancy, they cause Miscarriages. Such planets transiting over 2nd, 5th, and 11th houses, are also shown pregnancy problems.


Occupancy of malefic planets in the 5th house creates chances of delay of childbirth during pregnancy.


When Saturn Dashi moves forward at the time of birth into a mother’s life and until Saturn involves houses, then the chances of a stillbirth increase.

Balancing of Horoscopes

According to the Pregnancy Problem Solving of Astrology, if some of the couples have some negative traits in the Kundali birth, the other must have a positive Kundali birth for the born baby, so there can be some hope of balance. Horoscope for giving birth to a child.

Delay in child birth astrology in the horoscope:

Many married couples have questions like when will I get pregnant according to my birth date or when will I get pregnant astrology prediction free due to their incapability to carry a child. The 9th house responsible for birth is considered a shot. In such a case, the couples can look for pregnancy prediction horoscope free remedies and solutions to get pregnancy concerns away and have a healthy baby. The couple can consult an astrologer about problems with happiness for pregnancy and longevity.

Solve Your Child Birth-Related Problems

Horoscope is a science that is well-known for birth issues and complications during pregnancy. People who are having problems during pregnancy will be asking some questions such as childbearing and childbirth prediction in kundli, which she can find a fortune by talking to a good astrologer. An astrologer examiner for the pregnancy program is conducting an in-depth investigation and finding the best solution for the couple.

It is now clear that to make the right decision about pregnancy and to analyze the nature of the pregnancy, the pregnancy problem solution expert carefully examines the horoscopes of the couple and finds the real cause of the problems, so he says, has the right, powerful and effective medicine to succeed. Childbirth and resolves a variety of issues.

Rehabilitation measures come every time we study the position of the planet and the effect of the star on the parental horoscope for the baby. By solving pregnancy problems, you can easily overcome such issues and enjoy being a happy parent.

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