Dosh Problem Solution Specialist: To resolve obstacle of life

Dosh Problem Solution Specialist: To resolve obstacle of life

Get Expert Astrologer advice and report regarding Dosha Problems in your Kundli with 100% Accurate remedies to boost your future life.

Doshas are determined by the position and influence of the planets in the horoscope. Thanks to its detailed study, you can find out all the positive and negative aspects of your life and prepare for them. And if the planets are out of place in the homes of your horoscope, you may suffer from different kundal doshas. With the help of the best specialist astrologers, our site will provide you with complete information about the various doshas problems in your kundli and the appropriate medicines for them.

What is the problem with dosha?

In Vedic astrology, the meaning of dosha is unfavorable living conditions. The word dosha is a word from Sanskrit. According to Indian astrology, kundali doshas arise due to the unfavorable position of the planets in the twelve houses of your natal chart. The date and time of birth are needed to determine the position of your planets. Based on this, a natal chart is drawn up, which will indicate the position of the planet at your birth. this is a good part of the horoscope, which leads to the doshas of Vedic astrology, if the harmful planets – Saturn, Rahu, Mars, etc. they are located in certain specific houses.

Why do you need this solution?

  • You can be much more careful with your future life.
  • help you overcome physical and mental health problems.
  • Property disputes and financial problems can also be easily resolved.
  • You will be well aware of the next losses in your business or a bad stage in your professional career.
  • You can discover ways to manage your personal life and your married life.

Types of doshas in astrology: advice and remedies

Today, people are faced with all sorts of problems related to health, love, marriage and career, business, etc. And for these problems they need genuine solutions. First of all, we must understand that all our problems are related to our kundli doshas, ​​and only by taking the right remedies from them can we solve all our problems. Details of the various doshas and their respective remedies are presented below.

Kaal Sarp Dosha (काल सर्प दोष)

Kuja Dosha (कुजा दोष)

Pitra dosha (पितृ दोष)

Nadi Dosha (नाडी दोष)

Rahu Dosha (राहु दोष)

Rajju Dosha (रज्जु दोष)

Bhakut Dosha (भकूट दोशा)

Sashtashtaga dosha (सशष्टगागा दोशा)

Guru Chandal Dosh (गुरु चाण्डाल दोष)

Shani Dosh (शनि दोष)

Dosha problems are defects that are found in a person’s birth chart and interfere with prosperity in life. We all strive to live perfect and balanced lives, but these anomalies and negative aspects tend to manifest themselves in life and harm our prospects for success. Janam Kundli defines the course of a person’s life and offers insight into events that may unfold over time.

The horoscope chart consists of twelve houses, and the location of the celestial bodies in it determines the imbalance and advantages of the dosha. Each person strives to achieve satisfaction and balance in life with the opportunity to be delighted with every proposal.

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