Know remedies of all problems occur during Horoscope matching


Know remedies of all problems occur during Horoscope matching

Kundli(Birth chart) is the preliminary stage to a child when he/she enters in to the astronomy from mother’s womb. By personalized their horoscope you can find all the dosh on the respective zodiac that they hold. We Passover all the problems that time but in the time of marriage matching it effects very much. Know all the remedies of pitra dosh, yoni dosh, bhakoot dosh, mangal dosh any many more through the time of online horoscope matching.

Everybody face many problems in their efficient living life. Many problems are there in life. Like some problems you are facing because of your past birth and some problems from your mistakes of father and fore fathers. Solve your all dosh problems in your life to live a snuggly life.

Pitra dosh Problem: And its remedies

When an ancestor of the family is not properly cremated after the death or there is a shortage or any desire is left unfulfilled in the living state of his ancestors, his soul is only between the people of the house and the next generation Wanders. The unquenchable spirit of the dead ancestors troubles the family members and pressures them to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes. Therefore, it is said that the suffering caused to the descendants due to the ancestors is Pitra dosh.

Bad impacts for pitra dosh

  • Suddenly job loss
  • Social disputes
  • Uncertainty death in family
  • Regular failure in business
  • Continues health problems

The remedies of pitra dosh is very much simple that pray to lord shree ram, helping in the marriage of Brahmin girl, Execute a rudravishek puja, specially in Saturday you can feed rice with some ghee to cow.

Bhakoot dosh problems: And its remedies

Bhakoot dosh divided into many types; Which play a significant role in the time of marriage. The 7 maximum points should be checked in bhakoot dosh. The changing position of moon check here to match the both horoscope of bride and groom. There are many types of bhakoot dosh. Some of the combinations are 6-8(Shadashtak dosh), 2-12(dwi dwadash), 9-5(nav pancham) and many more. And some of the dosh are discussing below.

Execrable impacts of Bhakoot dosh

  • Love life disputes
  • Family disturbances
  • Money loss
  • Pregnancy problem
  • Divorce among couples

The remedies of Bhakoot dosh are very much coherent. You can Wearing the gemstones as per the astrologers, do bhakoot removal puja, putting a tabij on neck, helping poor people by fooding poor people, Worship to god for good future.

Mangal dosh problem: And its remedies

The word Mangal extract from the Sanskrit ancient of the planet mars. The dosh are shown when the planetary position of mars is 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th and the different problems are seen in the different position of mars. A person with mangal dosh in his birth chart or whose birth happen in the influence of mars is called as Manglik. There are many problems shown in the life when he/she is manglik. In online horoscope matching if this dosh find then it effects very much in the Marital life of both bride and groom.

The chronic impact of mangal dosh

  • Mars in 1st position:-Normally affect marriage life, physical hazards, suffer from tension
  • Mars in 2st position:-Many problems in married life, Whole family affected
  • Mars in 4st position:-Negative effect on career, financially poor, No find of job
  • Mars in 7st position:-Do not control over anger, show dominating nature to all members
  • Mars in 8st position:-Fully lazy people, Father Property gone, No respect to younger and older
  • Mars in 12st position:-Singles suffer from mental problems, financial losses

The remedies of mangal dosh is very much schematic. Fasting to pledge mars, kumbh vivah, contribute to poor peoples, wearing gemstones, simply worshipping lord hanuman you get solution of this mangal dosh.

The problems are very much awful if you do not solve it during the horoscope matching. Get the all remedies by direct calling on +919776190123 or visit .

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