Discover the truth of Rahu Kaal & Rahu Mahadsha

Discover the truth of Rahu Kaal & Rahu Mahadsha

Explore the truth behind the malefic effects of Rahu Mahadasha. Know the effects of Rahu kaal or Rahu Kalam with accurate Rahu remedies.

Rahu Kaal is one of the most feared aspects of Indian astrology.As per Indian astrology, Rahu Kaalor Rahu Kalam is specific 1/8th daytime part of the weekdays which is said to be ruled by the evil planet Rahu – the Lunar Node. Simply put, Rahu Kaal is the specific period of about one hour and thirty minutes during the day (between Sunrise and Sunset) which is governed by Rahu. So, Rahu Kaal is the bad time in a day. It is a very inauspicious time of the day. It is assumed to be highly malefic, and people do not initiate any activity whatsoever during the Rahu Kaal.

On the Other side Rahu Mahadasha is a phase that exists for 18 years of the life of a person. During the period of Rahu dasha, the person will face several obstacles in almost every aspect of his/her life. They will lose respect and peace whether it be their business or well-being. There will be a financial loss, conflicts at the workplace, any important or auspicious events will be difficult to take place and get constantly postponed.

Impacts of Rahu Kaal/Rahu Mahadsha

At the point when individuals accomplish any promising work during Rahu Kaal (Rahu Mahadasha period) or play out any favourable capacities, for example, marriage, naming function, commitment, havan, puja, Yagya, and so forth then there are chances that the work or the capacity experience snags. There are signs for startling deferrals or disappointments. At times the local feels demotivated because of absence of disappointment.

Affected by Rahu ki Mahadasha, an individual may handily get cheated or deceived by their shut ones. They lose their temper and enjoy clashes with their life partner and kids. They need family uphold and effectively get harmed in the exercises.

Solutions for Rahu kaal:

  • One should love Goddess Durga and present Durga Stotram.
  • One ought to not initiate any new pursuit.
  • They should focus on Divine.
  • Shift centre around sure considerations and thoughts.
  • Worship Lord Shiva or recount Kaal Bhairav Beej Mantra (Rahu Mantra)-“Om point haram Kaleem Shri batukbhairavaya”.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have begun any work or propitious ceremonies or excursion before Rahu Kaal, at that point you need not defer it. You may proceed with it and complete it during or after Rahu Kala with no misgivings.

On the opposite side, Rahu Mahadasha licenses the nearby to accomplish the ideal targets. They get remarkable land properties, wealth and find fortune in reserves.

Exactly when Rahu Mahadasha ends, Jupiter Dasha begins after it. Jupiter Dosha remains for the 16 years. As Jupiter is the Ruler of sagacity and life works out, people will all in all get comfortable with the new things depending on their past deeds. They comprehend your idle limit and see your partition focuses.

Regardless of anything else, we have to appreciate our all issues are related to our kundli doshas and just by taking right answers for it, we can deal with all of our issues. There is a detail information given underneath about different Doshas and for the right answers for it consult with us.

Remedies for Rahu Mahadsha

  • Start wearing blue colour clothes in your routine.
  • Respect your father in-law, maternal grandparents and sick people.
  • Take good care of street dogs or you can pet a dog.
  • Do not consume liquor or non-vegetarian food.
  • worship Goddess Durga or Shri Varaha Avatar of Lord Mahavishnu & Lord Bhairav.
  • Apart from that, reciting Shri Durga Chalisa would also be a good Rahu remedy.

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