Childbirth prediction in kundli & Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology

Childbirth prediction in kundli & Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology

Are you facing difficulty in pregnancy during birth, delay of childbirth, Infertility issues, many more with pregnancy problem solution by astrology. & additionally, Childbirth prediction in kundli helps to forecast baby born.

The Pregnancy astrology is especially useful when the concerned married couple fails to get childbirth even when all the medical state related to progeny or childbirth are found healthy. Also, when medical science does not give satisfying reasons for infertility or pregnancy problems during progenyChildbirth prediction in kundli deals exclusively with the astrology of pregnancy to help the interested people of the world over.

Lunar Fertility In-Birth Horoscope with Pregnancy Problem Solution By Astrology:

Women’s lunar fertility in her birth chart gives info about her pregnancy. Along with the lunar fertility, the key elements to consider are the 5th house in astrology, which rules pregnancy in the birth horoscope, and also rules the sign on the 5th house cusp.

It is helpful if these are placing in the fertile signs in childbirth horoscope, notably Water signs, but features to other planets are more important to consider. For the case, a woman has a Pisces lunar in the 5th House, where 5th House ruler Neptune forms a trine to benefic Jupiter in 5th house and a sextile to the lunar.

All things being equal, you are likely to be more fertile than a woman whose 5th house is ruled by Lord Surya, and the Moon in Gemini has a conservative aspect towards Shani. Thus Pregnancy Problem Solution By Astrology reads your natal chart and gives some clues about your lunar fertility.

Reasons for delay of childbirth, with kundali predictions for child:

 kundali predictions for child have clear indications for the difficulty in pregnancy in the natal chart. Some of the main 9reasons are:

  • Illnesses of the main house of children viz. The fifth house and its lord can prevent someone from being blessed as a child
  • Illnesses in houses 2, 5, and 11 can cause delay of childbirth.
  • Karaka (significator) of children, viz. Jupiter in 5th house under the influence of Saturn or Rahu can cause childlessness.
  • Only the harmful Mars in the pregnancy horoscope can cause childlessness due to miscarriages, etc. But Mars is not always -ve, and favorable Mars can give a male child.
  • The connection of the harmful Ketu with the Ascendant, the 5th and 11th houses can provoke a desire for children, which will lead to delayed labor until later in life when it can be difficult for a woman to become pregnant from a pregnancy astrologers point of view.
  • The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the fifth house can cause childlessness, but if they fall into the nakshatras of auspicious planets, then this conjunction cannot cause pregnancy problems.
  • The fall of the fifth house in the natal chart in the signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Virgo with serious ailments can lead to the lack of children.
  • Putting the Moon in the sterile sign of Gemini and falling into Ardra Nakshatra Rahu can cause childlessness based on pregnancy prediction by date of birth.
  • The fall of Venus in Mula Nakshatra Ketu can cause childlessness.

Astrological remedies for childbirth problems:

By analyzing the birth charts of both parents, Astrological remedies for childbirth problems can determine the real reasons. Then it may be possible to take some precautions with some Vedic solution to overcome the issues of infertility or childlessness by pregnancy prediction horoscope free. Panchambhav, or the fifth house of the horoscope, speaks of the possibility of conception. If panchambhav shows a negative result, the Vedic astrologer will recommend rituals that need to be performing to correct this problem.

 First, evaluate the “Lagna” and “Lagnesh” of the husband and wife and suggest a solution to the problem with kundli child prediction. Sometimes, when examining the kundli, the husband’s kundli may indicate an 80% chance of having a child, while the wife’s kundli may only indicating a 20% chance, or vice versa.

In such cases, kundli prediction for pregnancy finds some means to improve the ability of the weaker Kundli. After strictly following the advice, eventually, everything starts to favor panchambhava, and the couple is the blessing with a child.

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