Accurate childbirth problem solution with pregnancy astrologers

Accurate childbirth problem solution with pregnancy astrologers

Solve your problems like are there any issues that occur during pregnancy, how will be your child’s physical and mental health, or if you are unable to conceive or having miscarriage issues with pregnancy astrologer and become a blissful married couple.

Marriage should be perfect after a baby is born to the couple. Giving birth to a baby serves in the family legacy going on. The birth of a baby to a married couple brings about tremendous joy to them, and their entire life will revolve around parenting the child into a human being having moral values in life. Still, at times there may be some couples who are facing progeny issues.

They face problems during and get advice from doctors. But the doctor can only try to solve based on the medical prospect which, not be effective always because some problems occur due to the starts and planetary positions of a married couple, and it cause many problems in pregnancy. So, to overcome it, we need a pregnancy astrologer. Who studies your birth horoscope and find the best solution from it.

Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology, to find a house that is involved in the birth of a child:

  • 2nd House: It signifies family.
  • 5th House: It is the prime house of babies.
  • 11th House: When along with the 2nd and or 5th houses, the 11th house implies the gain of babies.

And, houses that negate the positive impacts of the above on various facts like pregnancy problem showing houses are 1st, 4th, and 10th.

Therefore, Then Pregnancy Problem Solution by Astrology studies horoscopes of both the husband & wife, multiple planets are analyzed for their results based on several factors such as:

  • The position of the houses
  • Their Lordships of houses
  • The regards that they are casting and the aspects that are casting upon them
  • Their conjunctions with other planets
  • Graha Nakshatras that the stars and planets are placed into and much more

Reasons for delay of childbirth and its complications:

There has been a lot of emphases assigned to analyze childbirth problems in astrology. Although to determine what is the exact reason behind the pregnancy problems in the life of a married couple, their horoscopes must be analyzed, the broader grounds of examining the issues by astrology for convincing baby are:


Malefics like Ketu, Rahu, and Saturn indicate a turbulent pregnancy period, a risk of miscarriage/abortion when they are operational in the Mahadasha, Dasha, or Antardasha, and also especially when they transit or aspect the 5th house.


The placement, aspect, and transit of Mars are thoroughly analyzed to define whether the baby will be born by natural birth or by surgery.

Sign in the 5th House:

Out of the twelve signs, a Kundali prediction for pregnancy especially looks at the zodiac symbols present in the 5th house, as it impacts pregnancy & delay of childbirth to a great extent.


If either of the married couple horoscopes is e by a Dosha (a flaw in the conjunction of planets in their horoscope), So childbirth astrology finds that multiple events/aspects of life are likely to get badly affected, including pregnancy.

Astrological remedies for childbirth problems:

Become a mother is bliss and brings happiness and joy in the form of life. Therefore, we are here to help you with your child and pregnancy prediction with the help of their knowledgeable and experienced astrologers. Hoping babies has never been easy for people and their families. Along with all the joys and happiness, it brings its some complications. Hence, getting a consultation through our free astrology for childbirth will help you get through your pregnancy problems smoothly.

If you are one of them who is expecting a child or if having a miscarriage and conceiving issues, you will get an in-depth analysis of your pregnancy problems solution. For more advice and information from the top astrologer in India, visit or call +91-9776190123/+91-9178117363.

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