A guide to Astrology & Numerology: by Astrologer in Kolkata

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A guide to Astrology & Numerology: by Astrologer in Kolkata

Know the benefits of Astrology and Numerology. Predict your future events, know more about your job & career life with the help of best astrologer in Kolkata. Also take the advantage of numerology to find the life path number for you by Best numerologist in India.

Astrology is the science of analyzing the influence of the planetary movements on the humans. It is really old technique and its been in used from many centuries to forecast future events. Astrology is a language, if you can read then, it will show you the past and future of your life. But it’s not that simple. Now comes to numerology, it is a branch of astrology use to find the lucky number, date, color of a person. Numerology can also help you to know the life path number using the date of birth or kundali of a person. Astrologers in Kolkata explained more things on astrology and numerology in this blog that you should know.

How Astrology works?

In theory, astrology just uses planetary position of stars, moon, sun and planets to forecast future events. Famous astrologer in Kolkata explains that- When a person is born astrologers take note of date, time, and place of birth to make a janam kundali. And the positions of stars and other planets is calculated. There are also other factors like tithi, graha, nakshatra and dina that are taken into consideration during the making of janam kundali. Therefore, later in life astrologer can compare the alignment of stars to the current alignment of stars to calculate the future events.

Benefits of Astrology

There are tons of uses of astrology. Especially in India, where many people consider it as a way of living happy life. Astrology can help you in many ways from birth chart creation to marriage. And in Indian marriage, where the marriage is nearly impossible without the kundali matching. Here are mentioned some other benefits of astrology provided by Best astrologer in West-Bengal.

  • Birth chart creation: Birth chart or janam kundali is the blueprint of a person’s life that contains much information about person’s past, present and future.
  • Horoscope prediction: Horoscope prediction tells the events that are going to happen in the near week or month.
  • Kundali matching for marriage: It is the process of finding the right life partner for a person by matching Gunas in kundali.
  • Palm reading: It tells the personality of a person as well as it also used to predict the events that are going to happen in coming years.
  • Job & Career life prediction: It used to predict the career and job life of a person.

What is Numerology and how it works?

Numerology is a branch of astrology that deals with simple mathematics and numbers. It is more about numbers that explains our life path and our personality. The numerological chart is prepared using a person’s name and date of birth. Then, numerological chart is used to calculate the life path number. And this life path number shows the relation between the person and his personality, future destiny and future events. You can take the help of Best numerologist in India to find out your life path number.

Benefits of numerology

Everything happening in this universe has a reason. So as a person’s birth. A person’s date of birth and name is not accidental. It carries many deep information about a person and his life events. Knowing these information can help you in many ways such as:

  • You can know the right time to marry
  • You can know the right time to change the job
  • Right time to invest money
  • Right time to buy a new house
  • Right time to purpose your love
You can also take the advantages of numerology by visiting free accurate numerology prediction.

Hope the above information will help you in understanding more about astrology and numerology. And if you want to take benefits of astrology and numerology services then you can visit TABIJ.IN, who has some of best astrologer and numerologist in Kolkata. For further information you can call @+91 9776190123.

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